Issac Nugget is such a cute little noodle

Sir Issac Nugget the Kiwi is a fictional character and mascot of The United Empire of Laurencia. In Micro-countryball lore, he is United Laurenciaball's pet.

Nugget was created by President Seann Torres of Rizalia and was named by Emperor Eno of Laurencia.



He's not the hero we needed... but he's the hero we wanted.

Nugget's secret identity is Kiwiman, a caped crusader who fights the forces of Islamic Terrorism.

Early life

One day during an adventure to find more clay, Laurenciaball stumbled upon a nest within a forest and decided to warm up the egg which had been abandoned by the mother. Laurenciaball fell into a deep sleep and his body shielded the egg from a rainstorm. The next morning, the egg into many hatchings and Laurenciaball saw witness to the birth of a smol kiwi. Laurenciaball named him Sir Issac Nugget.


Nugget origin story

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