Oliver was the first and only King of Manhuntia, and due to his loyalty to Max I, King of Stenall. He was awarded the title Duke of Tress.

Oliver Goodling
King of Manhuntia and Duke of Tress

King of Manhuntia
Reign 5 September - 19 November 2008
House Gooding
Born 1999
Religion Christian


On 5 September 2008, Oliver started Manhuntia with the support of Max I, King of Bertia.

Shut down by Teachers

On 19 November 2008, School MP Will Harding, who was thought to be an ally of Manhuntia, Ordered the shut down of the Micronation, this would be supported by his then girlfriend, who was also an MP, Libby Sheldrake.

Duchy of Tress

On January 21 2019, due to his loyalty to Stenall, was granted the title Duke of Tress, Days later, it was made a Self Governing Area.

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