The PaLsian Union (Also known as PaLsU) is a union formed on 17/12/17 and is an international union for any micronation to join.

The PaLsian Union
PaLsian Union

Peace Stands even Stronger.
Capital city Qbec (PaLsia)
Official language(s) English
Demonym PaLsU
Government Union
- Head of Council Sam Marsden of PaLsia
Legislature PaLsian Council
- Type - Alliance
Established 17/12/17
Internet Domain .psu
Dates are: Day/Month/Year

Union Objectives

  • Respect between nations, especially in the Union.
  • Member states should help each other out if necessary.
  • Forward the development of member states big or small.
  • Fix urgent issues occurring across member states.
  • Help stop international issues.
  • Recognition across member states.
  • Create peace between all nations member or not.


After the fall of communist PaLsia, and the annexation the PaLsLand Republic, the PaLsian Federation decided to form peace between the two areas. The two areas decided to form a Union for all PaLsian States and micronations outside of PaLsia. The first non PaLsian state to join the union was The BinBag Alliance.

On the 22nd of October, New Emersonac City joined the union, the unions second non PaLsian State to join.

On the 29th of October, the nation of Stenall join the union, the unions third non PaLsian State to join.


The Union is designed for micronations to settle with each other and to form agreements that can help all micronations across the world. It was also designed to end conflict between nations.

In the PaLsian Union nations are free to rule their nations with their own rules, unless provided by the Union. The Union rarely forces laws into other Nations as they believe each nation is free to do what they want, but if there is a common situation that is hindering the development of member nations a rule will be provided by the union.

Peace is one of the Unions main focuses, we do not like to see conflict.

The Union's HQ is located in PaLsia's capital of Qbec.


Flag Nation Leader Capital Date Joined
PaLsLand Republic
PaLsLand Republic Kha 17/12/17
UPSR Farim 17/12/17
PaLs Flag2
PaLsia Sam Marsden Qbec 17/12/17
Iceland Resort Reykjavik 17/12/17
PaLsia Sealand Point Sealand 17/12/17
BinBag Alliance
BinBag Alliance BinBagMan 1/03/18
New Emersonac City Flag - Copy
New Emersonac City Mr Emersonac


Stenall King Max I Outdoor City 29/10/18
The Sentinel Islands 30/10/18
Stenallian Milldown 1/12/18
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