In 2014 the oceans islands was founded. It was a joint venture between President Nazzal and President Johnston on creating a country. Nazzal took the western half Nubbernox and Johnston took the eastern half Terraria. Soon the country split as Terraria became independent and changed its name to Pacificonia. Pacificonia gained the island of Ducie (now the PDR) after searching online. Pacificonia soon Got more islands like Oeno, Tikei (now the PTR) and Motane. The country became a monarchy for a short while then came back as a socialist republic. Pacificonia now contains two island republics and three territories.


The United Pacificonian Islands are part of the United Islands International Alliance. This alliance was made for mutual recognition between all members and free trade and travel. Over time many members have joined and left. At the highest point of membership it contained Pacifconia Southerania Teguciana Cancorum Junaria Onardia and New Stanfordonia. now it is only Pacificonia Southerania Cancorum and Junaria.


The government of Pacificonia Is run in a complex way as described in the constitution. The governmet has four divisions each doing their own thing and they have to agree on laws and acts. The government is controlled democratically by the people in open elections. The government owns all heavy industry while the light industry is covered by local governments. Each island of the country has its own government but these governments have representatives to the national council.


The main two islands are Ducie and Tikei. Ducie is the capital and will be home to 2500 people, currently it is uninhabited. Tikei will be home to 4000 people, it is also currently uninhabited. The one territory of Motane has no plans currently. Oeno the second island was given away but Pacificonia may be reconsidering. Tikei is famous for its large palm tree forests and its many beaches. Ducie is the tourism hub due to its calm lagoon side hotels. Travel is free between the islands so people have easy access to all the islands.

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