Palm Republic

"Looks is one thing, Kindness is another"
Say Something
Boise, Idaho
Capital city Palm Island
Largest city Navel Rock
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name PR
Demonym Republican
Government Federal Republic
- Vice-President Lucas Carlson
- President William Hall
Legislature Parliament
- Number of seats - 4
- Last election - 2014
Established 2014
Area claimed 1km²
Population 20+
Currency USD
Time zone MTN
National sport Beer Pong
National dish MRE
National drink Jack Daniel's
National animal Wildcat
Patron saint Willis
This nation is amazing.

The Palm Republic is now non existent


The Palm Republic is named for the single Palm Tree that grows on Palm Island.


River Repubic was the owner of Republic Island, Navel Rock, and the two other islands, so the military of Palm Republic fought over the River Republic's territory, and stomped them out. Many colonists of the RR turned to the Palm Republic after the war, and on April 15th, the great restoration began. Funding from private companies and other micronations poured in to restore houses, infrastructure, and communications. On May 15th, the people met, proclaiming the government's existance on the river islands. To this day, the nation is in better arms of the Palm Republic. Now it has no been eddited and is over

Government & Politics

The Government consists of two parties-

The Independents

The Independants are the majority party in the Palm Republic, promoting free choice, and government power.

The Republicans

The Republicans promote limited government and rights through government regulation- the minority party.


The government is divided into a board. With the president on top- everybody elects a person from each island to particpate in the Board. The board members (called Boarders) then bring issues to the president, who decides what to do with the issue.

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Law & Order

The Law is carried out only by the people, who are expected to do what is right and turn people in. Citizen Arrests are common.

Foreign Relations

While the Palm Republic is not isolationist, it does not share any relations with the rest of the micronational world.


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Geography & Climate

Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 8.58.12 PM

The Yellow Line is the Telegraph.

The Geography does not go more then 5meters above the river level. (2360 ft) The temperatures are hot and dry during the summers, and cold as all hell, and dry during the winters.


The Economy is based solely off of trading and fishing. At this point, it's a weak economy.


In our nation, the culture, is alike, yet different from the US. Politeness is absolute key, education is second to living a happy life, and kindness is the best thing ever to all of us. Looks are one thing, but Kindness is another.


The Media consists of taking information between the southern tip of Palm Island to the northern cay of Navel Rock, by TELEGRAPH Line.

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