MicroNations Fandom

Patriam Is a micro nation in North york,Toronto near York university and was founded in 2021,Jan,3 and is a dictator-monarchy the 1st in the world and is ruled by mikael the 1st


Mikael the 1st

Born: 1990 Rained : 2021 - xxxx From: Toronto,Canada

Pm.sunny Born: 2016 In office : 2021-xxxx From : Mississauga,Canada Power There are 2 people in power dictator mikael and prime minister sunny.the cat

GEOGRAPHY Capital : mikatown is in bookshelf valley and is the busiest city in the country How the land is Divided Since the nation is in a house every room is a different province and is ruled by the pm and I the dictator dose paper work and stuff

history the independence 1/3/2021 the under war 2/15/2021 - 2/18/2021 the peace treaty 3/1/2021 the arbellastan war 3/15/2021 - xxxx

the independence it was made on the 1st day of a micro nation.

the under war was a war for a basement and started when the nation of tecto was trying to leave the empire of patriam and gain independence and they did so patriam lost and to this day they ues this as propaganda saying that patriam is week but that is not true we are week in the economy but strong in every thing else.

the peace treaty it was a contract for peace with the nations of Patriam,Tecto,and The Feather kingdom.

the Arbellastan war it is a war to get the separates movement angilisha in north arbellastan so patriam wants them to be there own micro nation and the war rages on .