Plans for Acedonia People's Fedaration

in 2019 Acedonia People's Fedaration will start building Mud house's for people to sleep on the go.

in 2019 janaury 19th we will build our first ever prototype car

in 2019 we start our missile program with the Soviet Communist Weeb Republics to fire missile 230 feet into the air and travel at least half a mile of tanks or cars.

in 2019 we build a 10 tanks and 20 guns 5 cannons

in 2020 the first 4 story house should be built in Acedonia

In 2020 Acedonia should hold the first Acedonian soccer match

In 2021 the first town be starting to be built to host 500 people

in 2022 the town will be finished

in 2023 the city should be finished to host 1000 people

In 2023 we are aimed to have 600 citizens

in 2024 the elections for presidencey shall be held

in 2024 we shall build 60 tanks for the army along with 243 guns

in 2025 we will build zoris-burg with 1000 buildings 5 ressuraunts and 10 shops

In 2026 we should have our first plane ready for action by human or AI

in 2027 we shall have clean water and eletricity for every home

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and have 1000-2000+ citizens

{ note } all these plans date me be sooner on hopes of becoming a more advanced society

Acedonia People's Fedaration to be found here
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