Platte Laco, (Plattian: Plattia Laco), officially the Federal Republic of Platte Lake (Plattian: Ila Republiqua Dei Plattia Laco) is an unrecognized country consisting of four states and a capital district. At 21.750 square miles (56.333 square kilometres), it is ranked 218th in the world, above Bermuda but below San Marino. However, with only two citizens, the president himself and his brother, it is the smallest country in the world by population. It is made up of four states and the capital district; the four states being, in order of area, Nordouvesta, Sudesta, Nordesta and Sudouvesta. The Capital, which will be called Péninsole, is set to be built around the Platte River Beach Parking.

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