Jerard Benitez is the first Flarian president. He is the one who wrote the declaration of independence,the Flarian Constitution,and many presidential decrees.(Especially things regarding the Numus being used.) He has been making contact with many micronations. He founded The Capitalist Democrat party of Flario. With the power to veto any law or accept/decline invitations,he is the most powerful person in Flario.

How to greet

Leader=Shake his hand politely and say "Hello Mr. President"

From a monarchy=Now this time,he greets you with a bow

Ordinary person=Molossian salute and he gives you a Flarian salute.(Meaning you can put down you hand. If soldier or guard then do not put hand down as you are also doing the same salute.)

What happens if attacked by greeter?

They will be taken captive by the Flarian Police or by the police of their micronation.

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