President of the Republic of Amra
Amra presidential seal
Presidential seal
Presidential Standard of Amra
Presidential standard
President Jack Hill
Jack Hill
since February 25, 2019
Style Mr. President (informal)
The Honorable (formal)
Status Head of state
Co-head of government
Member of Cabinet of Amra
Presidential Advisory
National Security Board
Camp Hill, Mitchello
Executive Library
Term length 6 months, renewable twice; 2 more terms allowed after 1 year of presidency ending
Formation July 3, 2018
Inaugural holder Jack Hill
Constituting instrument Constitution of the Republic of Amra
Salary the satisfaction of being Amra's president

The President of the Republic of Amra is the head of state and one of two heads of government of the Republic of Amra, the latter of which he serves with the Prime Minister. The President directs the executive branch of the Amran government and is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Amra (AFRA).

The current president is Jack Hill, who took office on February 25, 2019.

List of presidents

# Name Term of office
1 Jack Hill July 5, 2018 -
December 5, 2018
2 Gabriel Runger December 5, 2018 -
February 25, 2019
3 Jack Hill February 25, 2019 -

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