Prime Minister of
the Republic of Amra
Amra prime minister seal
Prime ministerial seal
Prime Ministerial Standard of Amra
Prime ministerial standard
Brent Adran
Brent Adran
since July 10, 2018
Style Mr. Prime Minister (informal)
The Honorable (formal)
Status Co-head of government
(alongside the president)
Member of Cabinet of Amra
Congress of the Republic
Presidential Advisory
National Security Board
520 Acorn
Amra Capitol complex
Appointed by the President
Term length None
Formation July 3, 2018
Inaugural holder Thomas Heets
Constituting instrument Constitution of the Republic of Amra
Salary the satisfaction of being Amra's prime minister

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Amra is one of two heads of government of the Republic of Amra, alongside the President. The Prime Minister is in charge of both houses of Congress and is the presiding officer of the Senate.

The current prime minister is Brent Adran, who took office on July 10, 2018.

List of prime ministers

# Name Term of office
1 Thomas Heets July 5, 2018 -
July 10, 2018
2 Brent Adran July 10, 2018 -

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