The Princian Republic & Principality, also known as Greater Princia, is a unique micronation that is part-republic and part-principality. The Princian Republic & Principality's 3-digit country code is "GPR" and its website is The Government of Princia classifies the Princian Republic & Principality as a democratic-socialist nation.

The Princian Republic & Principality is a "country of countries," similar to the United Kingdom. Each "country" is referred to as a province:

Province Type Significance
Princia Home Province Capital
North Parvusmount Largest
Atiscross Outlying Province
Dercassé Independent Province
Southoprincia Inferior Province
Deppfold Proposed Province



Entity Position
Apachan Pact Member
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation Observer

Formal Relations

Republic of New Rizalia
Nottingham Empire
Despotate of Vlasynia
Kingdom of Apachiland
United Counties of Rabbistan
Kingdom of Ikonia
Grand Duchy of Flario
Grand Duchy of Wefren


The Princian Republic & Principality's government is a unique part-republic part-principality, with the president holding the most power.


Bar chart showing each of the offices and their power in the Princian Government


The president of Princia is the former emperor of Imperial Princia, President Cordéll. President is the office with the most power in the Princian Government,


The monarch of Princia is Prince Joshua I, and as been since its creation.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is appointed by the monarch and is currently Lord Leo of Lapgateshire.


Head Ministers

Head Ministers can pass any acts they want, whenever they want - but first need the rest of the Head Ministers' support. Head Ministers are elected by the Ministers by means of a vote.


Ministers can pass any acts they want, whenever they want - but first need the rest of the Ministers' support, then the support of the Head Ministers. Ministers are elected by the public by means of an election.

Political Parties

Only Ministers, Head Ministers and Lord Ministers can join parties. The parties that are present in government are as follows:

Party Abbreviation Ideology(s) Major Policy(s)
United Democratic Party U.D.P. Capitalist, conservative, etc.
People's Party & Princian Party of Socialists P.P.



Socialist, communist, etc.
Metropolitan Party Met. Party Democratic, socialist, etc.
Red Party Red. Anarcho-communist, social-anarchist, etc.
  • Abolition of modern capitalism
  • Partial abolition of government

Acts of the Government of Princia

Formally the Imperial Senate of Princia and the Prince's Order of the Confederation of Greater Princia. Acts before Feb 2020 are not shown.

Act Brief Desc. Date Proposed by Passed by
2020 Act of Government Abolition of Imperial Princia and the creation of the Princian Republic & Principality 7th Feb 2020 Prince Joshua President Cordel
2020 Electoral Act Abolition of devolved elections and the creation of monthly unitary elections 10th Nov 2020 Metropolitan Party Metropolitan Party & United Democratic Party


Confederation of Greater Princia

The Confederation of Greater Princia was a proposition by the United Democratic Party (the ruling party at the time) to equalise the autonomy of the colonies of the Principality of Greater Princia (now called the Principality of Princia), and to create a unified state of equality and democracy. This proposition was passed by Prince Joshua, much to the dislike of the Princian citizens. This proposition was the main reason for the downfall of the United Democratic Party - it was proposed and passed without a vote of the public. As a result, the United Democratic Party is now the party with the least members in government (the "minor" party).

People's Confederation of Greater Princia

The People's Confederation of Greater Princia was a change proposed by the Princian Party of Socialists (the ruling party at the time) to change the political structure of the confederation. It would remove the positions of Minister and Head Minister, in exchange for a "council" with an all-powerful leader at its head - reducing the Prince to a ceremonial role, stripping him of all his current powers. Everything would be state-controlled: the farming, goods, imports, exports, etc. Princia would be turned into a communist dictatorship much like the former USSR. This proposition was outright rejected by the public, with over 90% voting against it.

Union of the Albion Grandceltic

The Union of the Albion Grandceltic was a change proposed by the Princian Party of Socialists (the previous ruling party) to repeal the 2019 Confederative Act, effectively dissolving the Confederation of Greater Princia - and replacing it with a more democratic, up-to-date form of government. The only downside was that it was a form of government that made Princia more susceptible to corruption and the like. A referendum was planned to be held on the 7th December 2019, 7 days after its proposal - but for unknown reasons Prince Joshua cancelled the referendum and subsequently rejected the proposal altogether. A new referendum was later planned to be held on the same date by Prince Joshua for the repealment of the 2019 Confederative Act, but a new confederation like the Union of the Albion Grandceltic would not be established in the Confederation of Greater Princia's place if the repealment is to pass. The Princian government was also suspended until further notice due protests and political turmoil. The Princian Coup D'état soon followed.

Macronational Recognition

Name Flag Details
Falkland Islands
Princia recognises the UK's sovereignty over the Falkland Islands
Republic of China
Princia recognises the ROC's sovereignty over mainland China and therefore deems the Chinese Civil War illegitimate
State of Palestine
Princia recognises the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine 1948 and the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (II)
State of Israel
Republic of Crimea
Princia recognises Crimea as an independent nation, not part of Russia nor Ukraine
Donbass Region N/A Princia recognises Ukrainian sovereignty over the Donbass
Derry N/A Princia recognises the name Derry as opposed to Londonderry



The climate of the Princian Republic & Principality is a maritime climate and is classed as Cfb in the Köppen climate classification.


The Princian Republic & Principality uses Princian Wenter Time (UTC-1:00) from the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March, for the rest of the year Princia uses Princian Sumor Time (UTC±0:00). Together these are known as Royal Princian Standard Time.

Schematic Table

Province Region County Governorate/Lordshire District
Princia Waterby City Region Waterbyshire Waterbyshire*** Waterby City
Addersonheath* Soprincia Soprinciashire Dunminster Township
Fenock City
Pempire** Touraffshire ***Waterbyshire Outer Waterby
Touraffshire Touraff City
Cathiar Rampoh Rampoh Rampoh-on-Sea
Newminster Township
Rokkia Rokkiashire South-of-Waterby
Southern Rokkia
**Pempire Wesprincia Wesprinciashire New Beeston
New Beaumaris
Roovesbridge New Boscastle New Boscastle
Castlegroveshire Castlegrove City
*Addersonheath Deversoriashire Deversoriashire Deversoria City
Deversorian Borderlands
Lapgateshire Lapgate City
Northern Lapgate
Atiscross Western Atiscross Unhidashire Magnishire Unhida City
Treff Township
Dinasoedshire Dinasoed City
Bhaile Township
Meridianam Exestan Meridianamshire West Exestan
East Exestan
Ninasoedshire Ninasoed City
Conown Township
Stonne Southern Island Stonne Island Western Stonne Island
Northern Stonne Island
Northern Islands Princia Island Nasc Docklands
Central Princia Island
Stonne City Northern Stonne City
Eastern Stonne City
Southern Stonne City
Western Stonne City
Central Stonne City
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