The Principality of Christopia is a micronation located in Scotland, UK. Christopia is a part of a union of neighboring micronations called the 'Scottish Micronational Union' along with the micronations known as : the Orca Republic (leader of the union), Gladland, Leaf Republic, United States of Penguinia (USP), and Bacchusland. Christopia is made up of 4 states : Sovetska, Southin, Silverwing, and Robinia.

The Beginning

Christopia was founded in mid-2018 as a part of a different nation made by the internet known as Kekistan. Christopia quickly changed it's name and flag as the first Christopian flag was recorded to be "the worst flag I've ever seen" according to the Christopian prince himself. Weeks later, Christopia declared independence and made a new flag, excluding any evidence of Kekistani origin as it might not come across correctly to people. Although, Christopia still has a flag for patriots of the Christopian flag inside the circle of the Kekistan flag.

Christopia, after gaining independence from Kekistan, was starting to set up some stuff for it's nation like religion, national flag and even a national anthem for the country.


Shortly after the success of starting up the Republic of Christopia (what it was called at the time), Christopia started to experience certain changes to it's borders. It started off as a rectangle but soon after, it be missing a corner of it's land as a new micronation took it off and started to rebel. This

new micronation is called the Empire of Gladland.

The First Gladlandian-Christopian War (2018)

Christopia wanted to declare war on the Christopian Prince's Dad, who was basically a citizen in Christopia and because of it's small size, there was not much people to fight in there besides Christopher's (name of the leader of Christopia) family (Mum, Dad, and pet) Dad decided to make his own micronation called Gladland. What came next was a war fought over popular video-game Minecraft (specifically the Xbox 360 version). This would be one of the only wars fought using Minecraft.

The two sides built castles facing each other in the game and saved their work. The Christopian castle was a small, but detailed medieval-style castle made of stone-bricks and various other blocks. The Gladlandian castle was a large, but cube-shaped castle made of Polished Diorite. Both castles had their respective flags outside of them to represent their countries.

The flag of Gladland

The war began with Christopian Castle building Slimeblock Flying Machines with three Quarts Blocks on the end of them to penetrate through the walls of the castle. At first, this plan was working but then the Gladlandian Castle then started to build an Obsidian wall to stop them with great success. Christopia then pressed the Exit Without Saving button to get rid of the wall. Christopia then started to build an extremely simple TNT cannon to blow a big hole in the castle with almost no luck. This war continued on like this until Gladland started using the same stuff Christopia was using against them. They stopped the game for a break and a day later, Christopian had won even after having a hole blown into it, one of the Slimeblock Flying Machines managed to penetrate all the way through Gladland Castle and out the other side.

However, Gladland still stands as an independent micronation.

The Empire

Next after Gladland's arrival, another Micronation decided to join the party and their name is the Derp Penguin Empire. The Derp Penguin Empire, almost immediately tried to invade Christopia and failed as Christopia proved itself too strong for the might of the DPE. What followed was a bunch of other failed attempts to invade Christopia. After the failures, the invasions stopped. Several days later, there is now a bright and colourful rainbow of shiny new micronations. These are the remaining micronations of the Scottish Micronational Union you see today besides the Leaf Republic which will be mentioned later.

Penguin Empire

The flag of The Derp Penguin Empire (DPE)

Christopia got uncomfortable with the size of Bacchusland and pushed back the borders. This isn't necessarily a war but just a small, minor conflict. Bacchusland and Christopia will later become allies in a team known as "The Iron Swords". The DPE forms it's own team known as "The Rising Powers" later on.

The War of The Grey Skies (2018)

Tensions started rising between the micronations and soon, a huge, major conflict between them all will begin. Another Micronation forms in the middle of the war and joins the Rising Powers. This new micronation is called the Leaf Republic.

The war starts with the DPE trying to invade Gladland, a now neutral micronation. Christopia didn't like that move so, Christopia declares war on the DPE for the last time in it's history. At this point the micronations decided to colonise land from Strathclyde Country Park. A lot of frantic invading ensued and by the end of the period, Christopia and Gladland where the main superpowers of the Scottish Micronational Union besides the main superpower, the Orca Republic.

Overtime, other micronations started popping up covering up the land of the DPE like the other micronations form around Christopia before the war. After a while, the DPE was still holding strong until...

The Christopian Revolution (2018)

The Christopia decided that it had enough and decided to go communist. The Derp Penguin Empire along with the new penguin micronations : East and West Penguinia (these guys will be important later on), Grey Penguin Empire, and Frostistan began to fight back and failed miserably. Finally, Soviet Christopia

Soviet Christopia

The flag of Soviet Christopia

finished the Derp Penguin Empire, putting an end to the reign of terror brought on by the empire. After the end of the DPE, the northern part of Emporia (a former region of the DPE) was given to Soviet Christopia and renamed to the Soviet Penguin Republic.

Soviet Christopia then coined the 'Union of Soviet Christopian Republics' or 'USCR' for short as an alternate name but it can also be called The 'Soviet Christopian Union'.

After the Revolution (2018)

After the Christopian Revolution, the war still continued and didn't pull out of it as there was still unfinished business in the war that it had to do. Another new micronation would come out of this conflict known as the 'Independent Penguin Republic' and is known for being kind of weak in war.

Next on Soviet Christopia's list was to take Bacchusland and to turn it into Soviet Bacchusland. What ended up happening is a successful invasion from Christopia followed by a failed rebellion from Bacchusland. Bacchus (the dog from before) started to form a new micronation from (somehow) unclaimed land. This micronation would become known as the Leaf Republic. The Leaf Republic declared war on Soviet Christopia and the USCR surrendered and promised to give Bacchusland it's land back and remove the communist ideas from it and they agreed.

However, the Leaf Republic still remained which was a bad idea considering what would come about later. After battle upon battle, the Iron Swords win the War of The Grey Skies. Many of these battles have been forgotten but safe to assume they were similar to one another. In the middle of the war, Penguinia decided to unite and create a new penguin land known as the United States of Penguinia.

The Micronational Cold War (2018)

After the War of The Grey Skies, two opposing superpowers emerged out of the ashes. These micronations are known as the USCR and the USP. The two superpowers didn't trust each other and some small incidents and conflicts later, the Micronational Cold War began. These are a simplified list of every event in order.

United States of Penguinia

The flag of the United States of Penguinia (USP)

-The USP decided to try and strengthen it's military power with great failure.

-USCR adapts it's own national anthem with the same instrumental as the USSR anthem successfully.

-The two starts a arms race, the USCR outpaces the USP in said arms race by buying fireworks near bonfire night.

-The USP begins threatening the USCR. This only raises suspicion and tensions between the two.

-The USP forms a new micronation called the Christopian Confederation. The CC declares war on the USCR. Starting the Christopian Civil War (2018).

-The two decide to make rockets to see who is the better micronation despite how clear the winner is. The USCR wins the race by a lot.

-The USP then splits into different penguin states and reunites later on along with the Christopian Confederation.


Days after the MCW, Christopia decided that the colonization may cause even more war to break out. To stop the wars, Christopia decided to start with claiming all of Starthclyde Park and divide it into states that make up modern Christopia. These said states are the ones mentioned at the top of this page and the Christopian mainland became the new capital sate of the nation and renamed to Robinia.

[Even more coming soon]

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