Newton, officially the Principality of Newton, has a landmass of roughly 50 acres that spans over 2 continents. The main territories are located in Quebec, Canada. It is home to the Skirāta Dynasty & Unifism.


Newton's government is a "free party monarchy", as mentioned in the infobox. A free party monarchy is basically a democracy with a monarch as head of state & head of government. However, anyone has the right to form a political party as long as they maintain a Newtonese citizenship and can have the means to take care of it without help from the current government. If said party cannot maintain itself, it will be abolished.

If a prime minister dies in office, an election is held after the authorities lead a proper investigation of the his or her death. During the transition, the current duke will assume the position of prime minister.

Only the people can propose a law, which is passed by the Ministry of Justice & current minister, which is then passed by the National Assembly (Ruling Party & Opposition), which, in conclusion, is then passed by the current monarch.

Duke R. Anson Skirāta's 1st Decree

Yesterday, May 17th, Duke R. Anson Skirāta issue a decree through text to Aydo Kimyona. It reads (Reformed Version),

"I, Rhaegar Anson Skirāta, first of my name, Duke of Newton & the Rhäll, Jarl of Raeds, Lord Regent of Berluntz, hereby decree that Egan's national dish should be Eggo-an Waffles (something like that), although not in my power, it should be done. I also decree that every leader of Newton that comes after me shall be Dok/Dokse of Newton, and their heirs Ärchdok/Ärchdokse. I declare that Winter is Co- *hm* *hmm* that economic reformation is coming to Newton soon. My edicts are that the throne should be situated in Raeds instead of Applefall & that the Newtonese Imperium shall be dissolved effective immediately."

His Lord Regency,

-Rhaegar Anson Skirāta


Newton was founded on February 15th, 2017 as a barrier to the ever-growing Vanguardian Empire in the region of Hestavia, which is where this kingdom got its name.

After the fall of the Hestavian Kingdom, Anson Skirāta, its founder, went on to form a militia that evolved into the early stages of the Principality in Newton.

In the beginning of the Principality, it was ruled by Prince Anson Skirāta. Then he found the Rhäll & crowned himself Duke of the Rhäll, and later decided to abolish the title "Prince of Newton" and replaced it by any title an heir held until coronation.

After 8 months of tranquility & more than a few heated discussions with foreign leaders (mainly Egan's, for some reason), the fascists marched into the capital and said Newton was their's, but no one really cared. So in an attempt to make everyone care, the prime minister basically threw a tantrum and released Anson Skirāta from the confines of his property to lead as president, but as a puppet of the prime minister. 4 months later, a group of economists reviewed the economy and realized with no revenue and high expenses, the economy was failing. In conclusion, the fascists murdered the Newtonese economy.

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