The flag of Neela

Queendom of Neela

Not perfect, always me
Who says by Selena Gomez
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Capital city Suri
Largest city Suri
Official language(s) Tamil, English, French, etc
Official religion(s) Any
Demonym Neelayo
- Queen Adhiyan I
Established November 10th, 2018
Population 7
Time zone Eastern Time zone
National sport Drag
National dish Rice, Curry, Pasta,
National drink Lemonade from Tim Hortons
National animal Pug
Patron saint Selena Gomez

The Queendom of Neela is a micronation founded by Queen Adhiyan Thambimuthu, on the 10th of November, 2018. It is allied with the Commonwealth of New Öresund, the State of Kerland, and the Nomadic Duchy of Egan.


  • Birthday of Selena Gomez: July 22nd
  • National Cake day: November 16th
  • Neela day: November 10th
  • Remembrance to the kidney transplant of Selena Gomez: March 8th
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