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Kingdom of United Counties
Revised Union FlagRoyal-coat-new orig

Dieu et mon droit
God Save the Queen
Enclaves in Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe
Capital city None (de jure), Mapleriver (de facto)
Largest city Winsdare
Official language(s) English, French, Chinese
Official religion(s) None (de jure)
Short name Rabbistan, RBS, KUC
Demonym Rabian(s)
Government Her Majesty's Government
- The Queen Her Majesty Queen Mary
- Prime Minister Sir Tony Humphries
- Chancellor of the Exchequer Duke Chao Chin-lu of Chungsia
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Unicameral parliament
- Number of seats - 20
- Last election - 20th Parliament, all members of Parliament elected 2017
Established 1927
Area claimed approx. 1000 metres squared
Population approx. 100 Statistics may be inaccurate.
Currency Florin (ƒ), cent (¢)
Time zone Mainly in UTC (GMT+0)
National dish Beef Wellington
Patron saint Saint Wellington
Internet Domain .org/

Royal Ensign mono

Seal of HM the Queen Mary

Kingdom of United Counties (Français: Royaume des comtés unis; 中文:萊坦聯合王國), or Rabbistan (Français: Rabitan; 中文:萊坦), is a neutral, independent, federal monarchy. Its territories are mainly enclaves in China, Pakistan, India, New Zealand and the United States.


Kingdom of United Counties was a country with a long history. There are evidences shown that Chinese name for Rabbistan had already exists in manuscripts since 1800s. In the beginning of 1900s, Rabians have Constitutions and finished democratic transition. In 1942 Rabbistan experienced war with Japan and finally gained victory. After war, with the leadership of the Late King Chungsian and our advanced democratic regime, Rabian economy grew extremely fast, and finally led to an economic crisis. In 1950s, John Hamilton's cabinet practised a series of economic reforms and established a new healthy and stable economic system, being a fundament of Rabian prosperity today. The Late King and Late Queen Mother deceased respectively on 30 Dec 2008 and 15 Jan 2018. Subsequently The Crown Prince Chinlu, now Duke of Chungsia, gave up his accession rights on 1 Jan 2009, and then Princess Victoria acceded to the Throne and became The Queen Mary. In 25 October 2018, the Prime Minister's Chancellery declares that Rabbistan will start transiting to a neutral state. From now on we will stop being full members, but only observers in intermicronational organisations, and we won't interfere or support either sides in any form of conflicts or warfares.

The Queen

The monarch and head of state of the Kingdom of United Counties currently is Queen Mary, who was born in 11 April 1961 as Princess Victoria. She acceded to the Throne, became The Queen in 2009. With her leadership, Rabbistan established a great number of diplomatic relationships and continued our steady and healthy economic growth. Under her reign till now, there are domestic tranquility and prosperity. She also contributes a lot to charity and peace-keeping in the world.


The Rabian people enjoy a mixture of cultures between West and East, but mainly western culture.

Rabian landmarks

Landmarks of Rabbistan

Holiday is one of the best indicators of our culture. People of different ethnic groups will enjoy different sets of holidays. (This is because people of one ethnic group normally live in one region)

Rabbistan owns a time-honoured Honours system and it is totally available for foreigners to be nominated or bestowed. Despot Ested I of Vlasynia, President Lincoln of Terrexa and Grand Duke, Boniface I of Alimia had been bestowed. For details, please visit CEO Official Website

Public Holidays
1 Jan--New Year’s Day

[ALC] 30 December & 1 January--Chinese New Year

1 Mar--Commonwealth Day

2 April--Easter Monday

[ALC] 5/4--Tomb Sweeping Day

11 Apr--Queen’s Birthday

1 May--Labour Day

2 May--Zhaodi Day

27 July--Saint Wellington's Day

11 November--Remembrance Day

24 & 25 December--Christmas Eve & Christmas

[ALC] according to lunar calendar

RIAR is a member of the INSOIT program - a intermicronational space research co-operation.

The Rabians have already started astronomical and astrophysical researches for several years, mainly by observations. Our national research institute, the Research Institute of Astronomy RBS (RIAR) declared its joining the INSOIT program lately, on 15 March 2019. In the future, we will continue to put efforts into the scientific researches and science education.

Rabbistan currently uses 2 calendars. The primary one is the Gregorian calendar, which is used worldwide. The secondary one, the Era System, established in order to promote Rabian culture and traditions, is also used from July 2019.

The current era name is Kangzhi (中文:康直), started from 1 July 2019, meaning moderation and uprightness. It is selected from ancient Chinese book Shu Jing, 'the Book of History'. The Era System is regulated by Calendars Ordinance, 2019 SI No. 20, determined by Her Majesty the Queen with advice from the Privy Council, and finally announced by the Royal Household Agency.


20th Parliament of RBS

20th Parliament (2017-)

Rabbistan has a regime of Federal Constitutional Monarchy. Power is decentralised to three sectors in central and limited power is delegated to local authorities. Conservatives and People's Rights Party are two major parties in Rabbistan. General election shall be held every 5 years or less. When a general election is proceeding, the counties can be also recognised as Electoral wards. 2 MPs will be elected for each county, to the Parliament.

Sector Executive Legislative Judiciary
Organ Central Executive Office Parliament Supreme Court

(including Constitutional Tribunal)

Leader Prime Minister Sir Tony Humphries Speaker: Duke Zhao Qin-lu of Chungsia Chief Justice: Lord Wellington of Keynes
Party Conservatives Speaker of the HoC: Conservatives Nonparty

Map of Rabbistan (for HQ version please visit our website)

Revised CEO Seal

Seal of the Central Executive Office

Local affairs

Rabian system of administrative division is listed below from higher divisions to lower ones:

  • Counties
  • Prefectures/Cities (Metropolitan areas)
  • Towns/Boroughs (Districts)
  • Villages (Communes)/Communities

Local councils are responsible for local legislations and regulations, and executive issues are practised by local executive offices. Local judicial affairs are conducted by all levels of courts.

Ethnic group divisions are only used to apply several laws that are specified to be practised in respective to different ethnic groups.

Claimed territories including individual units in China, Hong Kong (China), the United States, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom are administered by counties, the list of affiliations of the claimed territories can be found at the official website.

Currency and stamp

The Rabian Currency is issued and distributed by our central bank - Reserve Bank of Rabbistan. The


ƒ20 banknote featuring HM Queen Zhaodi, The Queen Mother [RBR]

currency system constitutes two units. One main unit is florin (ƒ), and its hundredth subsidiary unit is cent (¢). One florin equals to 100 cents. The designs of the 50 florins and 5 florins banknotes are already released, and it features the image of HM the Late Queen Mother (1934-2018), which contributed a lot to the nation's development.

Series 2 — 'Vibrant Hearts' of the florin has already been published by the RBR in June 2019. The new series, with full denominations from ƒ5 to ƒ100, can be seen at


ƒ100 banknote featuring HM King Chungsian, The Late King [RBR]

Rabbistan is also planning to issue share commemorative banknotes with the Bank of Terrexa, and the Bank of the UIE, as measures of enhancing cooperations with those two close allies.


Rabian stamps [Royal Post Service]

National post agency of Rabbistan is the Royal Post Service (RPS). In 2019, official post stamp designs is being published successively. Current ones consists of Chinese poet Du Fu memorial stamp, 100th Anniversary of the Armistice memorial stamp, Signatory of AUM Declaration of Human Rights commemorative stamp, and Rabbistan - Terrexa friendship stamp.

Diplomatic relations

The Queen along with the Prime Minister have already visited nearly 50 countries, and established different levels of formal and informal relationships with these American, European and Asian countries. We are also an observer of the League of Micronations (LoMN).

Passport Cover - ix

Cover to Page ix of a Rabian passport, issued in August 2019 by the Passport Directorate. [ICS]

Currently, we have diplomatic relations with:

(The list is regularly updated and is not complete)

*MR: Mutual recognition, CA: Close allies

  1. Republic of Molossia (MR, informal)
  2. Vlasynia
  3. Grand Duchy of Alimia (CA)
  4. Kingdom of Alanland (CA)
  5. Grand Democratic Republic of Titania
  6. Republic of New Rizalia
  7. United Principality of Merseyside and Cheshire
  8. Principality of Egan
  9. Thisthattian Federation
  10. United Imperial Empire (CA)
  11. Kingdom of Apachiland
  12. Flario Federation
  13. Republic of Agelonia (CA)
  14. Republic of New Emersonac City
  15. Kingdom of New England
  16. Grand Principality of Holloway
  17. Nation of Terrexa (CA)
  18. Democratic Republic of Laurencia
  19. Republic of Arbintina
  20. Kingdom of Adanesia
  21. Republic of Wabashia
  22. Principality of Greater Princia
  23. Davidirtinian Selenite Republic
  24. Kingdom of Pöllömaa
  25. Kingdom of Paxia
  26. Republic of Amra
  27. Official Republic of Natia
  28. Kingdom of East Caledonia
  29. Official Kingdom of Arbreland
  30. Ionix Empire
  31. Imperial Union of Cayania
  32. Republic of Saldabria
  33. People's Republic of Victoriam
  34. Republic of New Vinland
  35. Domolican Empire
  36. Kingdom of Conadi
  37. Republic of Chrisland
  38. Wong Ming Empire
  39. Republic of Thusrston Islams
  40. Grand Duchy of Pikeland
  41. Amullia
  42. Kingdom of Lalastan
  43. Belka Federation
  44. Republic of Fitzerland
  45. Crystallion Kingdom
  46. Principality of Rushwell
  47. United North American Republic
  48. Juclandia (informal)
  49. Kingdom of Macalos
  50. Kingdom of Ikonia
  51. Republic of Wikonga
  52. Kingdom of Maas
  53. Karno-Ruthenian Empire 
  54. Kingdom of Vryland (CA
  55. Empire of Guanduania 
  56. Triumvirate of Sonderan 
  57. Principality of Munaland 
  58. Republic of New Westphalia 
  59. House of Mithras 
  60. Tzardom of Tzimske 
  61. Westarctica 
  62. Romance Republic 
  63. Gymnasium State 
  64. Kingdom of Damora 
  65. Empire of Smyrna 
  66. Principality of Saphira 
  67. Kingdom of Elendor 
  68. Virgan Republic 
  69. Hanian Empire 
  70. Principality of Atlia 

Policy against extreme Islam

Kingdom of United Counties had already proclaimed its position which is against extreme Islam outside Rabbistan, extremist countries and extremist Islamic regimes. We consider that the extremist Islamic countries are severe violators of human rights, and they are also the most dangerous menaces of preservation of world peace.

KUC refuses to recognise and establish all forms of relationship, whether political, diplomatic, economic and cultural, with all extremist Islamic countries.

Rabian citizens have to be verified and examined to visit Islam countries. Citizens of Islamic countries are allowed to enter after verification from the Immigration and Citizenship Services besides application for visas.

Kingdom of United Counties is a secular nation. Freedom of Religion, including believing Islam, is ensured within the Kingdom of United Counties. Nevertheless, Islam canons that violate human rights will be banned from being practised due to its violation of the Constitution.


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