His Exellency
Raphaël Olivier
'Chancellor of Coronia
Chancellor of Coronia,
Protector of Rose, Prime Minister of Celestia
, Commander of the Coronian National Guard

Chancellor of Coronia
Reign 26 December 2016 - present
Predecessor Office Established
Protector of Rose
In office January 11th 2019 - present
Predecessor Office Established
Prime Minister of Celestia
In Office July 1st 2019 - present
Predecessor Perceval
Commander of the National Guard
In Office December 1st 2018 - present
House House of Olivier
Father S. Olivier, Governor of New Coronia
Mother I. Miller, Governor of Lagon
Born September 20th 2007
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Raphaël Olivier (born 20 September 2007) is a Coronian politician who has been the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Coronia since 2016; he was previously Prime Minister for a brief period of time in 2017. During his first period as Chancellor, he headed the single-party régime of the Coronian Conservative Party (CPC) for many years. Under pressure from intermicronationao sources, he introduced multiparty politics in 2018 and was then stripped of executive powers by the 2018 National Conference, remaining in office as a ceremonial head of state. He stood as a candidate in the 2018 presidential election and won the election with his new Conservative-Republican Party of Coronia (CRPC).

Olivier was an opposition leader for one year before returning to power during the First Coronian Civil War]] (2017-2018), in which his rebel forces ousted Grand Duke S. Olivier. Following a transitional period, he won the 2018 presidential election, which involved low opposition participation; he was re-elected in the Winter 2018 presidential election. The introduction of a new constitution, passed by referendum in 2018, enabled Olivier to stand for another term. He was re-elected 2018 in the presidential election with a majority in the first round.

After this new law many protests began demanding him to step down. He said that when 2019 would start he would resign. At exactly 0:31 he made his famous speech saying he would not step down as Chancellor but make Chancellor a ceremonial role. Many think the new Chancellor role is good as it gives a chance for others. Many loyal to him say he should stay as president. The majority thinks its all “fake news”.

Olivier is backed by a variety of political parties, most importantly the National Front. He is the President of the National Front’s Board of Directors.

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