The Republic Of Long Island (RLI)is an unrecognized micronation located in the State of New York. RLI declared independence from the United States of America on March 16th, 2019. There is no constitution, and the declaration of Independence was sent to New York officials who dismissed it as a joke.
Republic of Long Island
National FlagLi flag 1 (1)National SealLi Crest

Nous restons unis
Y2matecomdixies land militar

"Dixie" (Instrumental) - flags of freedom march pCJ9chVHpfI
"The President's Own" (Marching Song)
Long Island
Capital city Northport
Largest city Northport
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No official religion
Short name Long Island
Demonym Islander
Government Federal Republic
- President President L
- Last election - May 30 2019
Established March 16, 2019
Currency Long Island Dollar
Time zone Eastern Daylight Time
National sport Baseball
National dish New York Pizza
National drink Apple Juice
National animal Red-tailed Hawk
Patron saint None
Internet Domain .com


The RLI's Declaration of Independence was written and sent to the governor of New York on March 14th, 2019. The author of it, President L, did not get a response back and this deterred him from making moves. However, on March 16th, 2019, he decided to go through with the plan and officially seceded from the United States.

Territory And Land Claims

President L claimed the entire New York county of Suffolk. Nobody really cared because nobody recognized the country.

The RLI administers the autonomous region of Montauk (officially the Republic of Montauk. Montauk has a population of 3,300 people and the republic was founded on March 11, 2018. The Republic joined the RLI soon after its formation and became a part of the state of East Hampton. The Republic officially dissolved on May 24, 2019.


The Republic officially has 4 states. Suffolk, Nassau, and Brooklyn and Queens. Suffolk was admitted into the Republic on March 16, while Nassau was admitted on June 4. Brooklyn and Queens were admitted on June 14.

Flag Name Capital Ruler Political Party
Suffolk flag
Suffolk State Huntington President L Republican Party
Nassau flag
Nassau State Hempstead President L Libertarian Party
Brooklyn flag
Brooklyn State Brooklyn President L Republican Party
Queens State No Capital President L Republican Party
Li mapp

Each state. (Light blue = Eastern Suffolk)


The government of the Republic of Long Island is almost non-existent. They call themselves a Federal Republic, but they don't make too many decisions. All they do is ask for your land and loyalty to build the size of the republic.


The leader of the LIR makes all the decisions on how the country functions and how foreign relationships are forged. So far, there have only been two leaders. President L and Michael Shultz. President L currently served two terms as president, once as the first leader and twice as the third.

Head Of State

The Long Island Republic appointed British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state. The title is more honorary as the Queen does not even know the micronation exists and does not claim it as a part of the commonwealth.

Foreign Relations

On April 27, 2019, President L discovered that there was another micronation with the overlapping claims of Suffolk county. In fact, they claimed the entire island. The Republic of Feathers and Gills has not yet declared war or open relations with the RLI. The creator of the micronation has been exiled and President L decided take over the majority of Long Island.

On May 14, 2019, President L discovered the seemingly defunct nation of Winnecomac . The RLI does not consider it a competitor as the government as the Govener of Winnecomac does not consider himself a secessionist anymore. 

Official Proclamations.

Invitation To The RLI

The Union State is a proposed micronational union of the Republic Of Long Island and several Micronations in New York State.

National Holidays

Name Date Description
Independence Day March 16 The day the RLI declared independence from the USA.
Michael Jackson Day August 29 Michael Jackson is the King Of Pop.
Matt Ox Day December 16 Matt Ox is an American rapper and singer.
United States Day July 4 Celebrating the independence of their former country.

National Anthem

The national anthem of the Republic of Long Island is the instrumental version of "Dixie" or "Dixie's Land", a song celebrating the Southern way of life. President L was born in New York and is not a southerner. However, due to his interest in history and music, he chose this song's instrumental. Of course, being a Northerner, President L chose to use the instrumental version of the song because the current lyrics for the song don't reflect the republic.

On August 13th, 2019, President L officially gave the Republic a marching song, adopting "The President's Own" as it's marching song.

Pledge To The Republic

Much like the United States of America, the Republic of Long Island has a pledge. It is meant to be recited at major public events, during school hours, and before a television show starts.

Standing before this noble flag, I pledge my loyalty to the great Republic and for all it stands for. We are one nation, indivisible, where justice and peace prevail.

The pledge is a sort of mix between the US pledge and South Korean pledge. When hearing and reciting the pledge, one must hold a fist from their right hand directly above them and have their left hand over their heart. As the pledge commences, you must perform a brief Bellamy Salute. The salute may not last longer than two seconds, otherwise it will be seen as the salute used by the Germans in their Nazi era. If one is seen doing this longer than the aforementioned two seconds, then they will be given a detention if in a school and removed from the area if in public.


The LIR has no active military currently as they have not been in conflict and are located far from other micronations.

Wars and Conflicts

Conflict Combatant I Combatant II Date Result Notes
Long Island War Of Independence Republic Of Long Island
Long island flag
United States of America
USA flag 2-1 prop
March 16 2019 State declared independent No war out broke.
Civil War Republic Of Long Island
Long island flag
People's Republic Of Long Island
Long island flag 6
May 7-12 2019 RLI wins and communism is banned The RLI threatens people with left leaning ideology.
First Long Island Dispute Republic Of Long Island
Li flag 1 (1)
Republic of Feathers and Gills
June 6-15 2019 There is a severe border dispute between the two nations. The RLI and RFG advert conflict and agree to coexist.
Second Long Island Dispute Republic Of Long Island
Li flag 1 (1)
Kingdom of Long Island
Kingdom of long island
July 30-August 1, 2019 There is a minor dispute and nations agree to coexist. The RLI and KLI become allies.


₰1 $1
₰10 $10
₰100 $100

The currency of the Republic of Long Island is called the Long Island dollar. It has the same value of the United States dollar and until April 1, 2019, had the same print as the USD.


-Micronation Treaty Organization (MTO).

-Kingdom of Long Island.


On June 6, 2019, the Republic of Feathers and Gills stated that the RLI had unlawfully claimed the island. President L argued that because the nation had been dormant for months with no activity in sight, he had the right to start his own micronation. Vvmaxplays stated that the RLI shouldn't exist, but President L proposed a compromise of coexistence. On June 15, 2019, the issue was resolved and the natinos coexisted.

Flag Evolution

Flag Name Created Used
Long island flag 6
Orange and Blue March 16, 2019 March 16-March 16, 2019

(1 day)

Long island flag 2
Long Island Pride March 16, 2019 March 17-March 18, 2019

(2 days)

Long island flag union jack
Grand Union Flag March 16, 2019 March 18-March 20, 2019

(3 days)

Long island flag
Blue Banner March 17, 2019 March 20-May 15, 2019

(57 days)

Empire State

September 6, 2015

(Created by Achaley on Deviant art)

May 15-May 19, 2019

(5 days)

NY flag alternate
Inverted V September 4, 2012

Created by lizard-socks

May 19-May 22

(4 Days)

Li flag 1 (1)
Empress State May 22, 2019 May 22-Present
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