The Republic of Northway (Northway for short) is a micronation based in the United Kingdom


In September of 2018, Northway broke into war! It was the NCP vs the NDP and the NDP won. On November 20th, 2018, the corrupt Northwayan Millitary managed to overthrow King Miles I. Being corrupt, the army collapsed after a week, This gave The NCP a chance to take over.

1st December to 15th December,

Southway thrived. But on the 16th, Lucas resigned and signed a contract that held monthly elections to see who would run the country.

Since 15th December,

Everything was fine until the 23rd of January. When Rhys made the Northwayan Federal Party he won the January election as president. Miles's uncle Daniel had signed a document that stated he would be president of Northway until he resigned or died (Resignation is more likely). Scarlett, a claim also because in the early beginnings of Northway, she was listed as president. This started a war that went on until 23rd February when the elections reset and King Miles I won. On this very day, Northway joined the United Micronations Organisation.

Since 23rd February,

On March 3rd,The current Northwayan constitution was signed.Later, on 23rd May, the 6th Republic was formed.A month later,on July 4th,the 7th republic was formed,using feudalism.15 days later,feudalism is abolished and Northway grows immensely.A queen,Lacey is crowned.

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