Republic of Evelia (рус. Республика Эвелия, ew. Ewelyag Umgyald) - is an unrecognized state in Eastern Europe, claiming some territories of the Pskov oblast of the Russian Federation.


On December 5, 2017, the Republic of Enderwald was proclaimed, the successor to the Talaban Republic that existed before. The next day, the Constituent Assembly adopted the constitution of the state. Within two months, Enderwald carried out the necessary reforms and established contact with the developing micronations of that time (Snelandia, Estazia, etc.). During the February 2010 crisis of the Lyneurde, the Enderwald government supported the rebels and joined the Mikronational Anti-Fascist Coalition.

In the conditions of instability in the “second world” of the Russian-speaking micronational community in the spring-summer of 2018, Enderwald supported progressive forces, and President A. Kuzmin joined the interstate secret bloc “Cobra” and later became one of its actual leaders, and in December 2018 became one of the three members of Skavenlard.


According to the Constitution, the Republic of Eveliya is a "unitary state with elements of federalism", and the power is divided into state, executive and judicial.

State power in the Republic of Evelia is exercised by the President of the Republic of Evelia and the National Assembly of the Republic of Evelia. Evelia is a state dominated by Orthodox denominations.

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