Republic of Istriei

Republica Istriei (Romanian)

Repubblica Istriana (Italian)
Republic of istriei.PNG
Stema of the republic of istriei
Coat of arms

Liberty is good for all!

Liberatea e bună pentru toți! (Romanian)

La libertà è buona per tutti! (Italian)
Dear Republic

Republică dragă (Romanian)

Cara Repubblica (Italian)
Loca.png This is the Histria Region,one of the oldest region of this micronation.Here are shown the cities from this region.The capital is shown with a Yellow star instead of a dot and capital letters highlighted for the name
Capital city Hamburg
Largest city Văcărești
Official language(s) Romanian and Italian
Official religion(s) Orthodox and Catcholic
Government Democratic
Established 2000 (Independence from the Empire of the Dristor Country and the Republic of Istriei) 2002 (Independence Recognised)
Currency Istrian Dinar (RID)
Time zone East European Time (EET)
Internet Domain Doesn't have its own domain.The most used are .ro and .it

The Republic of Istriei (Romanian:Republica Istriei,Italian:Repubblica Istriana) is a micronation located in the city of Bucharest and parts of the Ilfov county in Romania.

According to the Istrian History the country was firstly founded on the 7th of September 2000 after the independence from the Empire of the Dristor Country and the Republic of Istriei.Its independence was recognised 2 years later by the new founded Dristor Country.On the 14th of January 2002 a communist regime was established and it ruled the country 2 years with the name "Socialist Istrian Republic" (Romanian:Republica Socialistă Istriană,Italian:Repubblica Socialista Istriana).The country "Reborned" on the 7th of September 2004 and became the Republic of Istriei that we know today.The country it's a direct descendant of the Istrian Kingdom (Country disestablished in 1982)


The micronation does not have only Histria as its territory.The regions are Histria,Văcărești,Nifer,Islaz,Pia and Sadmir.These were taken after 2010.


Histria is the oldest region of this micronation.This region was even part of the Istrian Kingdom since its foundation.This region has the capital of the entire state (Hamburg).After the independence only the Histria Region was a part of the Republic.And it was more little than the region we know today.In 2000 the country did not have under control the cities of Montecapelone,Histren and Catalider these were transfered from the Dristor Country like this:

Catalider:Firstly became administrated by both of the countries and then 2 months later the population asked for the transfer to the Republic of Istriei

Montecapelone:Directly bought from the Dristor Country with the sum of 75.951.205,95 EUR

Histren:Transfered to the Republic of Istriei after a referendum.


The biggest region from all the micronation.It has a lot of cities

Before to become a part of the Republic of Istriei it was a part of the Empire of The Dristor Cou

Map of the Vacaresti region subdivised in districts. The red dots are the cities and the black ones indicate a district

ntry and the Socialist Dristorean Republic and it was named:Multiethnic zone (Romanian:Zona Multietnică,Italian:Zona Multietnica) where many nationalities (such as Russian,Greek,Slovaks) were put there to live.That's why this region is the most multilingual region of the micronation.Some of the important cities were named according to the nationality that populates it:For example Grecul for the Greek people (Today known as Dubăsari).The only city that was unchanged since this it's Rusul (for the Russian People)


Nifer is the smallest region of the country.It's an island.The Island is at the same time Region,District of the Country and City. It's an autonomous district.


Map of the Nifer region

The region is known for beeing a nice location for having a nice walk around the island.

It's a part of country since 2014


When it was a part of Romania,Islaz used to be a village in the Ilfov County.Now it's a Autonomous district divided into 2 cities:Bianca and Pandemona.

It's a part of country since 2018


Map of the Islaz region

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