Republic of Long Island
National FlagLi flag 1 (1)National SealLi Crest
"Iron Will"

We Blijven Verenigd
Y2matecomdixies land militar

"Dixie" (Instrumental) - flags of freedom march pCJ9chVHpfI
"Flags of Freedom March" (Marching Song)
Long Island, NY
Capital city Northport
Largest city Northport
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No official religion
Short name Long Island
Demonym Islander
Government Federal Republic
- President President L
- Last election - May 30 2019
Established March 16, 2019
Currency Long Island Dollar
Time zone Eastern Daylight Time
National sport Baseball and Pro-Wrestling
National dish New York Pizza
National drink Apple Juice
National animal Red-tailed Hawk
Patron saint None
Internet Domain .com

The Republic of Long Island (RLI) is an unrecognized micronation located in the State of New York. RLI declared independence from the United States of America on March 16th, 2019. There is no constitution, and the declaration of Independence was sent to Andrew Cuomo.



The RLI's Declaration of Independence was written and sent to the governor of New York on March 14th, 2019. The author of it, President L, did not get a response back and this deterred him from making moves. However, on March 16th, 2019, he decided to go through with the plan and officially seceded from the United States.

Coronavirus of 2020

On March 23, 2020, amid all of the Coronavirus panic and deaths, the Republic of Long Island closed all borders to the outside world and began to fully conduct intermicronational relations over the internet. The Republic became semi-isolationist, including limiting communication with the New Intermicronational Union, which the RLI joined on February 20th. On June 27, 2020, the RLI began to allow citizens to travel outside of the micronation again.

Anti-Fascist Era

On April 30th, 2020, the RLI began a period of anti-fascist policies and propaganda in response to the troll "micronation", Susaonia National Worker's State, who's Twitter spewed racist, homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic messages. The RLI's first propaganda poster was created with the message "Smash the Fash!! Deny Nazism in Micronationalism!" On June 11 2020, the Republic of Long Island recognized the territory claimed by the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. On June 27, 2020, the RLI considered adopting The Manny Flag but the decision was quickly abandon, as it would be insensitive to the George Floyd Protests and the symbolism of the flag.

Territory And Land Claims

Long Island only controls a few hundred feet. With the neighboring Kingdom of Long Island collapsing, President L believes the RLI is the only micronation on Long Island. L has brought his attention to only the land in his immediate control and focused on nation building.


The republic officially only has 1 state: Suffolk.

Former Antarctica Land Claim

On October 26, 2019, President L claimed 3 unnamed islands in Antarctica. The islands lay south of New Zealand and are uninhabitable. They were unofficially named Skits Island, Molossia Island, and Jackson Island. They were collectively known to the RLI as the "Long Island Archipelago." On March 17, 2020, President L relinquished his claims on the islands to get into the New Intermicronational Union.

ULI Proposal

On April 9, 2020, President L proposed that all micronations located on Long Island should form a union for the betterment of the area. The Union was a second attempt at forming an alliance, the first being the "Union State of Long Island Nations", which would have included the Republic of Long Island, The Kingdom of Long Island, and the Republic of Feathers and Gills. Both nations collapsed before this could be realized. The Union of Long Island, ULI for short, would be an intermicronational intergovernmental that aims to better Long Island.

Proposed State Components First Proposed Notes
Union of Long Island
Republic of Long Island
Li flag 1 (1)
April 9, 2020 RLI is the only component as there

are no other micronations

interested in the project


The Republic of Long Island is a republic with an absolute ruler as a president. The president has complete and total control over the micronation, save for a few advisers to help check him and make sure corruption is not an issue. The President is allowed 2 terms in office, although President L is technically allowed 3 because there was no election for MS.


The leader of the RLI makes all the decisions on how the country functions and how foreign relationships are forged. So far, there have only been two leaders. President L and MS. President L currently served two terms as president, once as the first leader and twice as the third. President L is also a member of the Patriotic Party of The Republic of Long Island, or the PPRLI for short. the party is very patriotic, almost nationalistic. As of 2019, it is the only party with any power in the republic.

Head Of State

The Republic of Long Island appointed British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state. The title is more honorary as the Queen does not even know the micronation exists and does not claim it as a part of the commonwealth.

Political Parties

Party Flag Party Name Party Leader Date of Creation Favorability
Copy of L
Patriotic Party Of The Republic of Long Island President L September 5, 2019 100%

National Anthem

The national anthem of the Republic of Long Island is the instrumental version of "Dixie" or "Dixie's Land", a song celebrating the Southern way of life. President L was born in New York and is not a southerner. However, due to his interest in history and music, he chose this song's instrumental. Of course, being a Northerner, President L chose to use the instrumental version of the song because the current lyrics for the song don't reflect the republic.

On August 13th, 2019, President L officially gave the republic a marching song, adopting "Flags Of Freedom" as it's marching song. This song more accurately represents the ideals of the RLI, with democracy and freedom for all a key idea in the march.

National Flag

Main article: Flag of the Republic of Long Island

The Republic of Long Island has a tricolor flag inspired by both the Netherlands and New York City.

The top stripe of the flag is orange, symbolizing the Dutch influence on NY. The white stripe represents purity and a new beginning for the peoples of Long Island. The blue represents the British (specifically the English) and their language.

On February 10, 2020, President L renamed the flag "Iron Will".


The Republic of Long Island has a YouTube channel for news and updates on the micronation and intermicronational relations.

Name Reception
Republic of Long Island: First Flag Referendum. March 17, 2020 100% Positive


The RLI has a dormant military, however, citizens are allowed to join the army at the young age of 14. Both President L and President MS have taken oaths to protect the RLI and its citizens.

Wars and Conflicts

Conflict Side I Side II Date Result Notes
Long Island Secession from the United States Republic of Long Island
Long island flag
United States of America
USA flag 2-1 prop
March 16 2019 State declared independent No war out broke.
First Long Island Dispute Republic of Long Island
Li flag 1 (1)
Republic of Feathers and Gills
June 6-15 2019 There is a severe border dispute between the two nations. The RLI and RFG avert conflict and agree to coexist. President L creates a war plan to take over the RFG just in case.
Second Long Island Dispute Republic of Long Island
Li flag 1 (1)
Kingdom of Long Island
Kingdom of long island
July 30-August 1, 2019 There is a minor dispute and nations agree to coexist. The RLI and KLI become allies until the KLI collapses early into 2020

Foreign Relations

Flag Name Leader Relationship
Kingdom of long island
Kingdom of Long Island Mark I Terminated

(KLI Collapsed)

Republic of Feathers and Gills

Darya Agarkova


(RFG Collapsed)

Principality of Caudonia William I of Caudonia Positive
Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions Karlsbourg Positive
Empire flag
Arthurian Empire Emperor Vincent I Positive
Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 11.04.10 AM
Queendom of Nyx Government Positive
Reformed Intermicronational Confederation Seann Torres Positive

(April 28-)

New Intermicronational Union Flag
New Intermicronational Union The Big III Positive

(February 20-)

Micronation Treaty Organization Government of Barslow Terminated. (March 27th, 2019-Febuary 20, 2020)

Macronational Recognition

Flag Name Leader Recognition
The Republic Of China Tsai


RLI recognizes
The State of Israel Reuven Rivlin RLI recognizes
Republic of Crimea Vladimir Putin The RLI recognizes Crimea as a Russian republic.
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Donald Trump The RLI recognizes Puerto Rico as an American colony/territory

(Proposed flag made by @Burssty)

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone - The RLI recognizes the CHAZ as an autonomous zone within the USA

Flag Evolution

Flag Name Created Used
Long island flag 6
Orange and Blue March 16, 2019 March 16-March 16, 2019

(1 day)

Long island flag 2
Long Island Pride March 16, 2019 March 17-March 18, 2019

(2 days)

Long island flag union jack
Grand Union Flag March 16, 2019 March 18-March 20, 2019

(3 days)

Long island flag
Blue Banner March 17, 2019 March 20-May 15, 2019

(57 days)

Empire State

September 6, 2015

(Created by Achaley on Deviant art)

May 15-May 19, 2019

(5 days)

NY flag alternate
Inverted V September 4, 2012

Created by lizard-socks

May 19-May 22 2019

(4 Days)

Li flag 1 (1)
Empress State/ Iron Will May 22, 2019 May 22, 2019-Present
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