Molossia was founded by Kevin Baugh and James Spielma as "The Grand Republic of Vuldstein" in Portland, Oregon. In 1998, after being a nomadic government, Vuldstein moved to Dayton, Nevada where it was renamed to The Republic of Molossia with Kevin Baugh as the dictator.


The Intermicronational Olympic Games

Molossia hosted The Intermiconational Olympic Games which featured the following events:

  1. Reversey
  2. Checkers
  3. Chess
  4. The Hundred Meter Run
  5. The Shotput (With Tennis Ball)
  6. The Discus (With a Frisbee)

6 micronations participated with molossia leading with 5 medals.

Molossian-Mustachistani War

In 2006, due to a territorial dispute with Mustachistan,which is ruled by a friend of Pres. Baugh named Sultan Ali-Ali Achsenfree, Molossia declared war on Mustachistan. Achsenfree claimed that Molossia fell within Mustachistan's borders and therefore opened hostilities. However Achsenfree's attack on Molossia was in vain due to being defeated in the battles of Lake Jean, Black Lizard Canyon, and Rattlesnake Rift. They then signed a peace treaty on June 8, 2006.

East German-Molossian War

After 2 years, Kevin Baugh discovered that they have, for 23 years, been in another war against East Germany. They realised that Fidel Castro gifted Ernst Thalmann Island to East Germany and, since no one spoke of it during the German Reunification Negotiations, Molossia concluded that East Germany still exists in the form of Ernst Thalmann Island.

Kickassian Invasion

On the morning of 9 April 2010, a small invasion force of about 20 assembled on the eastern frontier of Molossia, near the Molossia Cemetery. Spurred on by its charismatic leader, Doug Walker The Nostalgia Crititc, and the promise of conquest, the little army swept across the border to the edge of Norton Park, in spite of Molossia's defenses. The invaders overwhelmed Molossia, unprepared as it was for attack. To avoid the devastation of Molossia, Pres. Kevin Baugh surrendered to the leader of the invading army. In short order, the Molossian Government was replaced and the name of was changed to "Kickassia". However the government was weak. Pres. Baugh then disguised himself as "Baron Fritz von Baugh" and attempted to sabotage the weak government. He was successful and it became Molossia again after 2 days after the invasion


In 2015, Kevin Baugh started MicroCon, a meeting of micronations around the world. The next is supposed to be in Toronto in 2019.

Molossian Tourist Sites

  1. The Friendship Gateway
  2. Norton Park
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