His Lord Regency, the Honourable Jarl Rhaegar Anson Skirāta, is the first leader of Newton and the Rhäll river. He's been leading Newton towards a better future for a little over 2 years, even in the Fascist Era.

Political Views


Rhae's Political Compass

His Lord Regency, previously leaning towards the left, now lies closer to the center, or as he says, center-left.

Gender & Sexuality

Rhaegar believes that there are 2 genders; male & female, Although non-binary is a valid form of gender identification in Newton. His beliefs of sexuality are practically identical to Chancellor Eno's.

Other Views

Anson believes in low average taxation, however it increases & decreases with the wealth of the person in question, mandatory vaccination, free compulsory education, environmental policies, the right to defend thy self, free healthcare, college & university as part of private industry, free market, abortion unless the victim was not raped & non-obligatory voting.

Political Career

  • First Vitterosi ruler of a realm in Hestavia
  • First Duke of the Rhäll & Newton.
  • First Jarl & Lord Regent of Raeds & Berluntz (takes these positions more seriously than his royal duties)

Military Career

Although currently the only active personnel within the Newtonese military, he has recently hired a private mercenary force known as "The Division" to secure & capture a bamboo rod that had fire on one end, commonly referred to as a "tiki torch".

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