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Commonwealth of Rosania
2018 State Flag of the Commonwealth of RosaniaCoat of Arms of Rosania

Frēdəm, Jŭstĭs, Prŏgrĕs
(English: Freedom, Justice, Progress)

No official anthem
Capital city Valeria
Official language(s) Rosanian, English
Official religion(s) No official religion
Demonym Rosanian
Government Autocracy
- Chief Directing Officer Michael Rosa
Established January 28th, 2018
Population 2
Currency US dollar
Time zone EST
National animal Double-headed eagle

Rosania, officially the Commonwealth of Rosania, often referred to as the Rosanian Commonwealth is a micronation that claims only a single home as its sovereign territory. Rosania is occupied by family members of Michael Rosa, who styled himself as Chief Directing Officer and Benevolent Autocrat of the Commonwealth of Rosania and the Rosanian Dream. Currently, Rosania has only two residents.


The name Rosania is derived from the founder and current ruler's family name, Rosa. Despite being primarily Spanish in origin, the dynasty was founded by a Dutchman named Pieter Roose. As such, the CDO has expressed that name Rooseland is an acceptable substitute for the proper name.


Rosania began in 2014 as the nation of Tragenland, which switched titles multiple times, namely from its original state as a Dominion to its latest state as a Kingdom. As of the 28th of January 2018, the state of Tragenland has been replaced by the Commonwealth of Rosania.


King Michael of Tragenland, now CDO Rosa of Rosania, decided on the 28th of January 2018 to renovate his stagnant state. The nation received a new name and a new flag, both based upon the former king's family name.

Recent events

The Commonwealth has become a member of the League of Micronations, and the CDO has cast his vote for President Farrell of the North Seminole Republic in the League's elections.



The Rosanian Dream

The Rosanian Dream (Rosanian: Ðe Rōzænēən Drēm) is a set of ideas that define the political stance of the nation.

Though Rosania is currently an autocracy under its founder, the CDO is in favor of democracy. The CDO has expressed his plan for an electoral process to be established whenever he leaves office.

As the motto of the nation suggests, the three guiding principles of the Rosanian Dream are Freedom, Justice, and Progress.

Personal freedoms are held in high regards, and are not to be infringed upon except in cases of criminal justice and emergency. Justice for the individual and for society are also paramount, as the CDO believes that only the just and reasonable principles are to be made into laws, with more subjective principles being non-enforcable by the state. Societal progress is another primary tenet. The CDO believes that technology and human logic must evolve in order to safeguard the planet and the human species.

The ultimate goal of the Rosanian Dream is humanity's mastership over the stars, whether it be under the rule of Rosania or otherwise.

Political Parties

Rosania's political landscape is defined almost entirely by centrist politics.

Political System



The Rosanian Commonwealth has been recognized by the League of Micronations and all of its members.


Although English is spoken by all inhabitants of Rosania, the official legal language of the nation is Rosanian. Rosanian is a version of English that has been modified to have a more phonetic spelling system, as well as simplified grammar.

Below is a written sample of Rosanian:

"Rōzænēən ĭz ŭ nŏn-stændərd vêrēāšən ŭv ĭŋlĭš dĭzīnd tø hæv ŭ mòr fōnĕtĭk spĕlĭŋ sĭstəm ænd sĭmplər græmər. Ĭt ĭz đe prīmærē lēgəl læŋwĭj ŭv đe mīkrōnāšən ŭv Rōzænēə, bŭt ĭts krēātər hōps đæt ĭt kòd rēč ŭfĭšəl stætəs ænd ŭlô ĭŋlĭš tø bēkŭm đe ŭndĭspūtəd lĭŋwŭ frænkə."


Behavior and Disposition

Followers of the Rosanian Dream, and by extension Rosanians in General, are people that value logic and reason above all else. Displays of strong emotion or passion are typically considered to be annoying and sometimes even stupid.



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