The Royal Dramme (or Princian Dramme) was created by the Princian Empire, a now dissolved micronation, and was used throughout its colonies. Drammes are now used in the Alliance of Micronational Crowns by its members: the Principality of Greater Princia (the Princian Empire's successor), the Condominium of Stonne and the Nottingham Empire. As of Saturday 6th April 2019, the Royal Dramme will be administered by the Princian Ministry of Economics & Currency, a Ministerial Body of the Alliance of Micronational Crowns.

Used By

Micronation Joined
Greater Princia 18th Mar 2019
Nottingham Empire 20th Mar 2019


30đ, 50đ, 100đ, 200đ, 500đ, 1000đ/1Đ, 2Đ, 5Đ, 10Đ, 20Đ, 30Đ, 40Đ, 50Đ.

Decimalisation Examples

1 Dramme would be written as 1Đ.000đ or just 1Đ

2 Drammes & 500 Plenoes would be written as 2Đ.500đ

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