The Royal Empire of Gationia is a micronation which has land in a lot of regions in Northern Greece. Its capital city is Gardenia in western Thessaloniki and there is also the city Pliaja in Serres and Jyptoria in Bathylakos.


The Nation was fouded by Queen Charchalo I of Gallieis (the word "cats" in our language) in 2015 when the Great War of Gardenia ended.The war was a big battle between Gationia and the Northern Colony of Gallieis (cats).


As you understand we treat cats like humans and they even have a monarch (the current one is Queen Ntampoulia I of Gallieis).

Our population is about 50 individuals (including cats) and the citizenships are signed by the monarch of the humans Kaiser Moudios Alexander I of the Humans, but only a little bit of our citizens have a residenship.


We have a great Archeological/Paleontological Museum that was recently renovated because Princess Mpachalitsa destroyed it by accident.There was also a wildlife feline park operating in Gardenia but it closed due to disrespection to the rights of Gallieis(cats).But you can visit places like the Royal Palace of Gallieis(cats) and ,more rarely, the Kaiser's (aka Emperor's) Palace.

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