The Royal Holloway Honours System was established on the 5th of April by King Gabriel I of Holloway in order to keep track of the current orders, recipients, and to educate both citizens and foreigners on the Royal Orders of Holloway. The system has two types of honours, orders and decorations.


The Kingdom of Holloway currently has three active orders, the Honourable Order of Holloway (HoH), the Honourable Order of the Pine (HoP), and the Distinguished Service Order (DSO). The first two are awarded solely by discretion of the sovereign. The orders which consist of more than one rank mean that whoever receives a higher rank is more deserving. The higher the rank, the more deserving one is of the rank. More than often, the King is the sole recipient of the Grand Cross, which is the head of the order.

Every recipient of an order is given the option of using the title of "Sir" or "Dame" while in the borders of Holloway.

Name Ranks Ribbon Awarded for
The Honourable Order of Holloway Discretion of Soverign
The Honourable

Order of the Pine

Grand Cross

Knight Commander

Knight 1st Class

Knight 2nd Class

Flag (7)
Discretion of Soverign
The Order of
The Distinguished

Service Order

Distinguished service

during times of conflict


The Kingdom of Holloway currently has four active decorations. They are awarded by joint discretion of the Grand Prince and the Minister of Defense.

Name Ribbon Awarded for
Grand Military


Absolute conspicuous bravery or

valour in circumstances of

extreme danger.

Silver Medal of


Flag (5)
Acts of great bravery or valour in

the presence of the enemy

Distinguished Service


Flag (8)
Acts of bravery or selflessness

in the presence of the enemy

Wartime Service


Flag (9)
Serving in any branch of the military

during a time of conflict

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