Royal Nirfoese Military Forces
Founded 11th January 2018
Current form Distablished
Headquarters Lundien Palace,Empire of Nirfo
Commander-in-Chief Emperor Leopold of Nirfo
Military age 13 average
Conscription Only for political prisoners
Active personnel 0
Reserve personnel 2 (Royal Corps)

13 others

Foreign suppliers United Kingdom & League of Micronations
Annual imports Infantry Weapons (monthly)
The RNMF was a allocated Guarding force for the Nirfoese people to protect Nirfo and the crown it has two troops. They were been trained to fight in close quarters and was mostly lead by General Richard.

The RNMF was distablished on May 31, 2018.

War on terror

The first time the RNMF got involved in anti-terrorism was in Operation Rosebud, a plan to destroy the Nationalist monopoly on the area. This is also one of the latest attack against the CIRA although the Emperor has said the goal is not to kill the CIRA but instead to arrest them.

1st Brigade (Teroden Regiment)

This was the only Regiment in the RNMF and had the most percentage of troops in it. General Richard was in command of them but that also may change in a while.

1st Brigade
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