The United Nation of Ryori is a monarchist micronation surrounded by California in the macronational United States, with a population of 9 people. The nation was founded in September of 2018 and its constitution is still in the process of being drafted. It is led by Christian Charmant, an anonymous young teenager. The flag consists of four horizontal bars colored red, white, black, and yellow, a cherry blossom in two shades of pink and two crowns in a Yinyang, creating a nine color flag that can accurately represent the nation. Despite its name and flag, Ryorian demographics show the nation is mostly European, with 55% of the population being Irish and Scottish, 11% being Italian, and the final 44% being unknown.

The capital city of Ryori is Tabayama, and it is located in the Kensaki Province, in Paradise, California, Macronational United States. The city has a population of two people and may move in the future. The largest city however, is Otsuki, with a population of 3 people and it is located in Petaluma, California, Macronational United States. Otsuki is the city where Christian Charmant resides as well as part of the royal family.


The United Nation of Ryori started as a nation on the popular nation simulation website in May of 2018. For about 3 months, the nation stayed that way, but on the 26th of September, 2018, the nation declared independence upon the Macronational United States. The country had no official declaration other than the Prince's word and strong
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