Senate of the Republic of Amra
Amra Senate seal
Official seal of the Senate
House Upper chamber of the Congress of the Republic
Term limits None
Created July 3, 2018
Session began August 20, 2018
Prime Minister Brent Adran (C)
since August 20, 2018
President pro tempore Terrence Powell (L)
since December 5, 2018
Majority leader Jennifer Wen (L)
since August 20, 2018
Minority leader Alexander Close (C)
since August 20, 2018
Seats 14
Amra Senate map (1)
Liberal Party (blue)
Conservative Party (red)
Political groups Liberal (8 seats)
Conservative (6 seats)
Term length 2 years
Previous election N/A
(appointed by Jack Hill)
Next election July 3, 2019 (7 seats)
Meeting place
300 Building
Amra Capitol complex
Grana, Federal District
Republic of Amra

The Senate of the Republic of Amra is the upper chamber of the Congress of the Republic. It, along with the National Assembly, comprises the national legislature of the Republic of Amra. It is headquartered in the 300 Building of the Capitol complex in Grana.

The Senate has the constitutional ability to declare war, impeach a federal politician, and approve Cabinet members, ambassadors, and other federal officers nominated by the President of the Republic of Amra.

Unlike the National Assembly, the Senate is headed by the Prime Minister. In the Prime Minister's absence, the presiding officer is the President pro tempore, who is appointed by the Prime Minister.

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