Sloboda is an independent current anarchist nation formed in points around Indiana currently on the move for more land. They have a Jarl system, where the Premier Tyler selects people to lead as second in command of separate properties and states.

The Forming

The Independent nation of Sloboda was formed out of Brownstown Indiana by three friends wanting to make a change: Jacob, Joey and Tyler. These three men set off to rebel against the American system and claimed their independence by claiming three plots of American soil as their own. Soon, though, fate led in the opposite direction and pushed the high king two hours away but this just led to new grounds and more land to be claimed. 

Runes and sigiling

Early stage Sloboda had a problem, well, several but we can start at the lack of a flag because Jacob was taking too long. Anyway, the high king took it into his own power and forged sigils and runes for writing. The Stage One sigil was a triangle with the runes signing Long Live Sloboda written inside with two lines sticking out of it. The word Sloboda were also inscribed. 

the deal of 14-5

A major plot of land was claimed as a citizen of the United States who owned 18 acres of land signed in to giving the land to Sloboda and so it was planted on this day with the Stage One sigil.


When formed, Sloboda already had plans going for it. They take a lot from the culture of the Norse Viking clans while also pertaining modern anarchism ideals. The leaders also formed a band known as "Is Betty White Dead Yet' which as it would seem probable, is a noise band.

Current Sloboda

under current authority the premier and others are looking for more residency, accepting anyone with land and available for contract stating that if you leave you must first put up a two-weeks notice and give him two dollars.  

The Great Liberation

from the U.S. to many other nations micro and true the liberation of those under the chains of rules and of constrictions by those granted the power to play god. Rise, and join the Slobodan Liberation Program. For freedom, for Sloboda!


  • Laurencia
  • Crimson Empire

To contact the premier you can resort to Instagram to contact @lactose.exterminator 

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