Principality of Sotovia
New Sotovia's Flag

Educação em primeiro lugar!
March Majestic
Official language(s) Portuguese
Demonym Sotovian
Government Absolute Democracy
Population 7
Currency Taco

Principality of Sotovia or simply Sotovia is a micronation founded on July 9, 2018, exactly at 08:40 in the morning. It was founded by M. Soto.

Its official language is Portuguese and its currency is the Taco.

Sotovia currently has seven inhabitants. Inhabitants of the principality are called Sotovians.

In addition, its founder and current ruler allows its citizens to lead a decent life, with decent work, study and even allows the conversion of tacos to other currencies. The government values citizens freedom as much as possible, even though Sotovia lives in a Absolute Democracy.

Sotovia already had several names, among them: Independent Republic of Sotovia, Sovereign and Independent Principality of Sotovia and Clarified Sovereign of Sotovia.

To contact the Principality of Sotovia: Principality of Sotovia.


Next, all the proclaimed territories of Sotovia:

- The Founder's Room

- A tree in the founder's condominium

- A tiny piece of land in the founder's condominium

- All the founder's shoes.

- The bed of a friend of the founder.

- A piece of a beach, which extends to the horizon line of the sea.

- Two small square floors of an amphitheater.

- The founder's cousins rooms.

- The founder's bathroom.

- The sixth person's room to become a citizen

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