• Proposals from the MicroWiki community are posted here, and become a consensus.

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  • Issues are raised by the MicroWiki community with the MicroWiki Foundation here.

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  • Announcements from the MicroWiki Foundation's administrative team are posted here.

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  • This is where old threads from the above boards go to die. Threads here should be closed by an admin first.

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Make sure you're talking in the right place.

The Forum is for issues that affect more than one page. Please use talk pages
if you want to discuss the writing of a single article.

Also, this isn't a forum about micronationalism, it's about MicroWiki.
Our forums are for getting the work of the wiki done (i.e. deciding policy,
figuring out how to edit, announcements from the admin staff) and not for
discussing how to make flags, conducting alliances, or anything
in between, that's what the Lounge is for!


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