The Starbandit Armed Forces is the name used to collectively refer to all the military forces of the Starbandit Commonwealth.

Land Forces

Starbandit land forces consist of archers with modern bows and arrows, as well as melee soldiers with wooden spears and spiked clubs.


Here are the ranks for Starbandit land forces and their associated colours. Ranks are usually followed with a suffix according to their weapon (archer, spearman, clubber)

  • Bandito (Blue)
  • Turbobandito (Green)
  • Superbandito (purple)
  • Megabandito (red)
  • Ultrabandito (yellow)
  • Omnibandito (Orange) - (reserved for Grand Bandit)

Naval Forces

The Starbandit Naval Forces consist of a single dinghy, the Extendus 83. Weapons include water cannons, and noodles.

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