The Starbandit Calendar is a calendar used by the Star Bandits of the Starbandit Commonwealth. It has a 365-day year, and follows no particular solar or lunar cycle.


There are four months in the Starbandit Calendar.

  • Prindon (March 20th to June 20th)
  • Sumeridon (June 20th to September 20th)
  • Krinkling (September 20th to December 20th)
  • Nividon (December 20th to March 20th)


There are seven weekdays in the Starbandit calendar.

  • Unden (Monday)
  • Doden (Tuesday)
  • Treden (Wednesday)
  • Kwydden (Thursday)
  • Kwinden (Friday)
  • Heksden (Saturday)
  • Skyppden (Sunday)
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