Starland Republic and New Pamlico
SR&NP Flag

"Follow the Stars"

"Drew's Beat"
Havelock, NC, United States
Capital city Gilmore's Landing
Largest city Fort Drew
Official language(s) English
Demonym Starlander
Government Republic
- President Andrew Clingersmith
Legislature Council of Five
- Number of seats - 5
Established 13 September 2005
Disestablished 13 September 2013
Area claimed 1.56 km²
Population 21
Currency Rook
Time zone UTC+5:00
National animal Domesitacted Cat

The Starland Republic and New Pamlico, often shortened to DSL-Starland, is a defunct North American micronation founded in 2005 by Suzuki Akihonaomi's former alias Andrew Clingersmith. DSL-Starland was once known as Drew Star Line until the micronation's golden era in 2007. Afterwords disinterest among the its citizens and feuds with other micronations weakened DSL-Starland, until its final collapse in 2013, on the eight anniversary of the micronation's founding. The Democratia of New Starland, also founded by Akihonaomi in 2015, became the official successor state DSL-Starland.


Early History of DSL-Starland: 2005-2006

DSL-Starland was founded on 13 September 2005 by Andrew Clingersmith and a core group of friends. The project was called Drew Star Line, or DSL, and was originally intended to a commercial spacecraft manufacturer. Almost immediately, however, Clingersmith abandoned the project and readjusted DSL's goal: to become an exclusive club for Clingersmith's group of friends. A constitution known as the C.O.D.E. (Conduct Of Drew's Elected) was drafted, and on 15 September 2005 Diego Bell, Clingersmith's close friend, was elected the first President of DSL. Clingersmith, losing by just one vote to Bell, was inaugurated as Vice President. They were to serve one-year terms.

Bell's presidency was wracked by a small but short war in late February 2006. Under the original constitution, females were barred from being members of DSL. A movement led by Tegan Paris tarnished Bell's reputation, and on 1 March 2006 he resigned from the presidency. His last action was to repeal the constitutional ban on women. As vice president, Clingersmith was given the duty of leading DSL for the remainder of President Bell's term. Clingersmith's leadership saw the presidency shortened from one-year to six-month terms, and the establishment of a proto-militia. The first land claims of DSL were made to a thin stretch of woodland known as the Keith Woods, with a rundown shed being declared the capitol building. It was christened Fort Drew.

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