Stephen Leger II or formerly known as King Stephen I (b. June 28) is the current King of Novanglia and was the founder of the Kingdom of Novanglia. formerly known as New Yankeeland and New England, Stephen was president until on February 2, 2017 when New England was renamed to New Yankeeland and Stephen was crowned king.

Stephen I
Stephen E. Leger
King Stephen I.jpg
1st King of Novanglia
Assumed office:
March 1, 2016
General of the Royal Novanglia Army
Assumed office:
March 23, 2016
Personal information
Born June 28
Nationality New Yankee


Stephen Leger born in June 28 of 1999 in Massachusetts. Stephen had a quit childhood more less. He grow up playing sport. Hockey, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf. For a young age Stephen had always make believe he had his own nation and often watch a lot of Military and Western movies with his dad. Around 12 after having a injury during football and was out for a few weeks. In that time he had turn to pc gaming and to this day is still a pc gamer. Form 2013 to present Stephen has been apart of the Warband Napoleonic and North and South Community. Witch are gaming community who do more less online reenactments and battles online. For the last 5 years Stephen have been leading Regiments with in them


Political career

Military career

Currently -General of the Army, 1st Novanglia Army the ,I Corps

Command Held

Stephen I
New Gettysburg.
Allegiance New Yankeeland
Service/branch Royal Novanglia Army

Novangia Marine Corps

Years of service 2016 - Present
Rank General of the Army
Service number O5
Unit Iron Corps
Commands held 1st Novanglia Army

1st Division

1st Marine Regiment

Battles/wars Operation Homefront

Operation Black Tiger

Alanland Civil War

Yank-Ocean war

Awards Veteran

Tennessee Medal of Honor

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