Generalissimo Sunny Neve is currently supreme commander-in-chief of Izoroku HQ , head of state and head of Government of Izoroku Republic.

Mr.Commander "Sunny Neve"
Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Izoroku HQ
In office:
2014 - 7/7/2019
Vice Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Izoroku HQ Zerorius Hiruko
Predecessor position established
Successor Zerorius Hiruko (acting)
Minister-president to Izoroku HQ
In office:
17/4 2019 -7/7/2019
Chief of State himself (alongside Minister-president to USM)
Born Kingdom of Thailand
Resting place Khorat Province , Kingdom of Thailand
Nationality Izoroku
Ethnicity Mongoloid
Political party Military Gov.
Portfolio Defensive Battle of Izoroku
Religion Buddhism
Military service
Nickname(s) Sunny
Allegiance Izoroku Army
Years of service 4 years
Rank อินทรธนู Generalissimo of Izoroku
Commands All (Generalssimo)
Battles/wars Battle of Izoroku

Tanabata Incident

On 7, July 2019, HQ has incident about the disappear of Sunny Neve. Zerorius Hiruko in the position of VSCiC of Izoroku HQ has a command to establish the committee in control of head of state for investigation about the disappear of Sunny Neve.

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