Supreme Court of
the Republic of Amra
Amra Supreme Court seal
Official seal of the Supreme Court
Established July 3, 2018
Micronation Republic of Amra
Location Grana, F.D.
Composition method Presidential nomination with Senate confirmation
Authorized by Constitution of the Republic of Amra
Term limit for justices Life tenure
Number of seats 5 (according to Constitution)
Chief Justice of the Republic of Amra
Currently Ambrosia Tosunt
Since July 5, 2018
Meeting place
200 Building
Grana, Federal District
Republic of Amra

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Amra is the highest court in the Republic of Amra. It is headquartered in the 200 Building in Grana.

The Supreme Court is composed of five members, all nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. It oversees cases previously fought in provincial courts, and cases can only be brought before the Supreme Court with presidential consent.

The Supreme Court is headed by the Chief Justice.

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