Tabby I
Only picture of Tabby
2nd Chief Mouse Catcher
Predecessor Tommy
Monarch Andrew I of Smallia
Reign 31st July 2012 - 2nd August 2012
Successor Tabby II
Spouse Tommy (Disputed)
Died 2nd August 2012
Stroud, United Kingdom
Burial 2nd August 2012
Capital Territory
Occupation Cat
Tabby I was a Sabovian cat popularly known as the 2nd Chief Mouse Catcher, she was owned by the Prince of Sabovia, Andrew I. She was a blonde and brown/black tabby cat.

National Animal

On the 20th February 2014 she was declared the "National Animal of the Principality of Sabovia" by HIM Andrew I.


On the 2nd August 2012 at 10:07 Tabby died of growth in her stomach. Andrew I held a remembrance service the following day.

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