• Austenasia: The Vestry Conference ends in disaster with the declaration of the Austenasian Civil War.
  • GUM: Newly elected Vice Chairman confirms meeting for Sunday, March 7th, after more than two months of absence due to the inactivity of Chairman Jacob Tierney.
  • OAM: The motion to suspend the SUNP has been rejected by The Council in a strong negative vote, with eight member nations voting against it, two abstaining and only two voting for the resolution.
  • Sterling: King Parker I announces the dissolution of the Grand Duchy of Iceia, the Barony of Ida and the duchies of Southern and Northern Mercury. Thus Sterling's territories have become the Duchy of Charcot, the King's State (Northland) and the Principality of South Plutopia.
  • Socialist Union: Infamous Nemkhav perpetrator Corin Sterask has declared the Territory of Lestaja independent from the SUNP, forming the Sovereign Protectorate of Lestaja. Read more here.
  • Erusia: In a move that marks the beginning of Kai Roosevelt's long-awaited democratic reforms, Erusia Central News has officially been "privatised" and granted a special exemption from an estimated 85% of all censorship emasures, becoming the first media service in the DPRE not under government control.
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