• Austenasian Civil War: The war ends with a victory for the legitimate government, as HIM Emperor Esmond III gives the final signature to the Treaty of Ruskin Road.
  • Austenasian Civil War: The Treaty of Ruskin Road 2010 is signed by Crown Prince Jonathan, Princess Caroline, and The Hon. William Kingsnorth. Princess Caroline withdraws her immediate claim to the Throne, renounces all military support for it, is freed from house arrest and accepts a sentence of 1 weeks exile for High Treason. William Kingsnorth surrenders, disbands all rebel forces, recognises Esmond III as Emperor and Acts 105 and 113 as lawful in return for an amnesty, as it is recognised that he was of the incorrect, but sincere, belief that he was doing his duty to who he thought should lawfully be Monarch. The Treaty will enter into force tomorow, when the Emperor signs the final signature.
  • MCS: The International Centre for Micropatriology are very pleased to announce the release of their 2010 Micronational Survey. Like last year, this survey aims to gain an understanding of the opinions, actions and views of micronationalists across our sector, and to be able to build on the results of last year to see how our sector has changed within the last 18 months. To that end, we've included almost all of the questions from last year; as well as adding some new questions relevant to our condition today.
  • Egtavia: Radio Egtavia's first 'proper' programme - recorded by Sir Philip Fish of the Republic of A1 - has been scheduled to air for the first time 10:00 GMT on Sunday, and will be repeated every day after that. It should be noted that the scheduling process will mean that there will be between sixty and ninety seconds of silence while the server changes shows. Radio Egtavia's listening console may be found at egtv.egtaviagov.eu/watch.html
  • Kingdom of Morkskovia: King Heath announces today that Morkskovia will be discontinuing online presence by June the Tenth, to stress one of the nation's key founding principles of Freedom from Dependence on Technology. The only online presence that will remain is the facebook group, off limits to non-citizens, and used as a sort of commonplace by the people to keep the citizens in touch with one another until the Morkskovian Royal Postal Service is created, ideally by 2013
  • Erusia: There are unconfirmed reports that the moderate and liberal wings of the Communist Party have formed a factional alliance for the first time in Erusian history. If these reports are true, it marks the end of more than a year of moderate-conservative cooperation, and a dramatic shift in the political landscape of the DPRE. This turn of events would also mean that the hardline followers of Robert Lethler and Kenneth Maisano are no longer the dominant political faction within the ENCP, posing a serious threat to the future careers of members of that faction.
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