Teroden was the Capital of the United Empire of Nirfo and was home 6 out of 7 people in the empire and holds all government facilities including the headquarters of Government and Council Building.

It is the largest City in the Provisional Commonwealth of Nirfo, although the city is also claimed by The Lundinian Empire making it the only duel Micronational city.

The Teroden Regiment is made up of 3\4 of the people residing in the city.


Alanlandic Embassy in Teroden

Historic Alanlandic Embassy -

The Alanlandic Embassy was built because of the friendship between Nirfo & Alanland.It holds Alanlandic personel in there along with safeguarding Alanlandic citizens.But on the 1st July 2018 rioters stood United with the banner of Truth with them to say that Catholicism held buildings are to be dismantled. After Alanland was puppeted by the LoMN it became a museum of Alanlandic culture.

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