Nation of Terrexa
Flag of TerrexaSeal of Terrexa

For the benefit of the world
"Rise to the Top" - Art of Escapism
Capital city Patrium
Official language(s) English
Short name Terrexa
Demonym Terrexan
Government Constitutional Democratic Republic
- President President Lincoln
Legislature None
Established April 2011
Area claimed .44 Acres
Population 5 (2018)
Currency US dollar, Gead
Time zone Terrexan Standard Time, EST +15 minutes
National sport Speed Limit 5
National animal Betta Fish
Internet Domain

The Nation of Terrexa is a micronational democracy declared independent in 2018 by President Lincoln but established in 2011.

Terrexa has a population of six people ranging from 15-80 with an equal male to female ratio. Their website is and you can contact the president through email at


The Terrexan government is dictated by the Terrexan Constitution. Each election is held annually during the month of August,

Terrexa's head of state is the President, followed by the Grand Chancellor followed by the Associate Chancellor. Both chancellor positions are determined by a national vote. The Office of President is exclusive and is determined by the sitting president. If the president shall be unable to serve or is impeached then the Grand Chancellor will take power. The president can hold the role of both president and Grand Chancellor at the same time but, neither the grand chancellor or president can hold the role of associate chancellor while maintaining an office.


Laws can be made by a declaration from the President after a law has been proposed and approved. The President must approve all laws and also has the power to propose them but, laws proposed by the President must be approved by the Chancellor.

Proclamations also serve to announce official national days. National days are at the full discretion of the President and can be added or removed at any point by a declaration of a proclamation.


Terrexa is home to five major counties: Patrium, Arenso, Herban, Hibernica, and the Agricultural District. Within Terrexas five counties there are 2 cities, Arenso and Patrium the capital of Terrexa. In 2017 a small portion of land in Herban was dedicated as a "Native Terrexan Reservation".


Patrium is home to 100% of the Terrexan residential population. All departments of the government are run in Patrium and there are many national monuments and government offices.


Arenso is the largest Terrexan city, but the smallest county in size. Arenso also contains more national monuments than any other region of Terrexa. Arenso is famous for its 12 foot tall Freedom Tower originally built in 2011 and modified throughout the years.


Herban is home to 5-6 national monuments, parks, or memorials. Herban is home to the Native Terrexan Reservation.


Hibernica is the longest county spanning 30 meters. Hibernica is home to the Blue Path National Monument.

Agricultural District

The Agricultural District is the home of the Terrexan farming industry. The district produces peppers, tomatoes, squash, eggplants, radishes, and more during the Summer and Fall seasons.


Terrexa is located in a temperate climate in the American North East.

Climate Map

Average Yearly Temperatures

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (F) 35° 38° 46° 59° 67° 76° 82° 80° 73° 61° 52° 40°
Low (F) 17° 18° 26° 36° 46° 56° 62° 60° 52° 41° 32° 23°


Terrexa is home to 45+ monuments and landmarks. Their most notable monument is the Freedom Tower in the city of Arenso.

Major Land Marks

Name City Year Established Description Photo
Freedom Tower Arenso 2011 This tower stands at 12 feet tall and represents the freedoms presented to all Terrexans
Freedom Tower
Peace Memorial Arenso 2015 This monument represents Terrexa goals for peaceThe monument also doubles as a memorial to all those who have died because of any acts against peace and especially relating to terrorist attacks around the world.
Peace Monuments Wide
Presidential Concave Arenso 2016 The Presidential Concave serves as a monument to the Office of President in Terrexa.
Presidential Concave
Headless Budah Aresno 2013 Legend has it that a Buddhist monks ghost lived inside of the Buddha statue until the day the head fell off and the spirit escaped and now roams Arenso at night!
Headless Budah
Stone River Patrium County 2010 This monument is 20 meters long and 3 feet deep with stones.
Stone River
Chalice Park Arenso 2017 Chalice Park is made of fake grass and clovers. The park gets it name from the chalice in the middle.
Chalice Park
Blue Path Hibernica County 2017 (Built 1980s) This monument symbolizes the blue banner going through our flag hence the name, Blue Path.
Blue Path

For a full list of monuments and landmarks go to


The Terrexan military consists of two people, a fleet of ten boats, and a drone. The military duties are to protect and fight for its citizens during and not during a war. The military has never been forced to use their power against an enemy.

The TDS (Terrexan Disaster Sevices) also acts as an extension to the military. TDS works to aid and prevent disasters.


Terrexa has a rich culture highly influenced by the US.

National Holidays

Name Date Description
New Years Day January 1 Celebrates New Year
Presidents Day January 3 Celebrates the presidents birthday
Tank Day January 10 Celebrates the Terrexan Army
Irish Heritage Day March 17 Honors the 5 citizens of Terrexa which has Irish descent.
Declaration Day April 1 Celebrates the day the Declaration of Independence was signed
Parents Day May 5 Celebrates the parents of Terrexa
Love Day June 9 Gives a day for citizens to share love
Alliance Day July 4 Celebrates Terrexas allies
Terrexa Day 1st Tuesday of July Celebrates Terrexa
Election Month August The month in which elections are held
Diet Day September 1 Gives Terrexans a day to start their diets!
Native Terrexan Day 2nd Monday of October Celebrates Native Terrexans
Spooky Day October 31 Celebrates Halloween in Terrexa
First Day of Christmas November 1 Celebrates the start of Christmas
Almost Christmas Feast Last Thursday of November Celebrates that its almost Christmas through the Thanksgiving dinner
Winter Party December 21 First Day of Winter
Christmas December 24–26 Celebrates Christmas
Take a Break Day December 27 Allows citizens to take a break from all the holiday's
New Years Eve December 31 Celebrates the New Year

Terrexan National Culture

National Bird: Hawk

National Animal: Betta Fish

National Tree: Bamboo

National Sport: Speed Limit 5


Terrexa has one physical sports team, The Patrium Limits, the Limits play Speed Limit 5, the game created by the Terrexan President in

The Terrexan National Sport is Speed Limit 5. Speed Limit 5 was created in 2012 by the president and other Terrexan citizens. The game consists of a ball and two people, each on opposing teams.

Protests and Movements

In April 2018, The Gnome Rights Movement was established with the goal of integrating gnomes into society and allowing gnomes to become citizens and vote in Terrexa. The movement has staged walkouts and public disruption and the group has announced other upcoming events.


Terrexa gets their news from the "Ziar" the national newspaper of Terrexa, covering national and intermicronational stories as well. Terrexan National News is the broadcaster of Terrexan visual news and speeches.

Ziar Logo

Stamp Book

Each citizen and visitor of Terrexa is encouraged to grab a stamp book. Most landmarks and activities in the nation have a coordinating stamp. There are currently 19 available stamps for visitors and 20 for citizens.

Stamp Collection

Stamp collection guide.


Terrexa has a strong science program. Terrexa's science program contributes to experiments, a space program, and protecting the environment. In 2018 the Terrexan government announced that a science museum would be established later this year.


Name Year Result
Alcohol with Objects 2016–2017 The rubbing alcohol did not majorly effect any of the objects.
Grahm Cracker in Water 2017–2018 The Graham cracker turned mushy and then disintegrated making the water cloudy. Many scientists and citizens in the area claimed that the odor was so horrible that it made them ill.


The Terrexan wildlife is managed by the Department of Environment. Terrexa is home to 5 different types of birds and also to some members of the rodent family like squirrels and chipmunks. Terrexa works to protect all of its natural wildlife, especially squirrels. More information of Terrexa wildlife is on

Animal Species
Squirrel Common Squirrel
Chipmunk Eastern Chipmunk
Bird House Sparrow
Fish Betta
Bird Hawk
Bird Cardinal
Bird Blue Jay
Bird Swallows


Terrexa has had diplomatic contact with many nations formal and not. For each formal ally of Terrexa, the Terrexan Department of Monuments build an embassy. Terrexa openly excepts diplomatic conversations with other nations.

Official Relations

Nation Type
Aerican Empire Formal, Full Diplomatic Power, Embassy
Molossia Informal, No Diplomatic Power (Open Discussion)
West Who Informal, No Diplomatic Power
Westarctica Formal Full Diplomatic Power, Embassy
Rabbistan Formal, Full Diplomatic Power, Embassy


Nation City Status Year
Aerican Empire Arenso Finished 2018
Rabbistan Arenso Finsihed 2018
Westarctica Arenso Finished 2018

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