Alimia has 2 types of administrative divisions: mayoralties and territories. There are 2 mayoralties and 1 territory.


The mayoralty have his own mayor, and a respective number of representants in the parliament according to the population and 1 representative in the consultative chamber, and an estatute with laws for a better administration.


The most populated, rich and important region of the country, cultural, diplomatic, commertial, military, scientific center of the nation, the capital for Alimia, the Royal House and the Order of Dawn.

The flag colors stands for:

  • Black & White: Same as the Sableaurora.
  • Green: Roots of the nation and authority.


Also an important strategical point for offensive attacks, is the bigger mayoralty and subdivition of the nation but not contiguous to the capital.

The flag colors stands for:

  • Black: Satanism.
  • Red: Strength, bravery and hate.
  • Quartels: The nation, Royal House, Dawn people and the Order of Dawn.


A territory is formed if the land doesn't count with population

The territory doesn't count with a local administration, are directly governed by national authorities, and only have a representative in the consultative chamber, also doesn't count with senators in the parliament.


A strategical point in the contiguous region, an important logistic point in the house.

The flag colors stand for:

  • Black & White: Same as the Sableaurora.
  • Blue: Liberty and coldness.


Entity Flag Ruler Population Established Annotations
Kavajë Mayoralty Kavajë flag Atifete 1st of Alimia 2 (1,1) 5/8/17 Capital City
Satania Mayoralty Satania Dr. Satanás 1 (1,0) 20/1/18 Not contiguous to the capital
Elbasan Territorry Elbasan flag National


0 ?/10/17 Before a Mayoralty , Established in ?/8/17
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