Disclaimer to admins: This is for new micronations or people writing Micronational History books so pls don't delete. It's defunct after all
The Anti-Socialism Micronational Organization (also referred to as The Axis of Right-Wing

Micronations) or simply TASMO was a micronational military alliance that was created by Jerard Benitez in 4th of August, 2018 to counter the Micronational People's Union (a communist/socialist military pact).

TASMO is was winning the "Micronational Cold War" due to some weaknesses in the MPU, such as the Principality of Egan (the founding state) leaving the MPU after converting to a Centrist Republic as it used to be. It has now disbanded and has slipped into the pages of micronational history books.


Those with Italics are defunct. Those with Bold had changes in government.

Name Flag Capital Population
Flario Federation
Flario Federation flag
Vortani 65+
Empire of Nirfo
IMG Flag of Nirfo
Teroden 9
Kingdom of Alanland
Flag of Alanland-0
Bedia 4
Federal Republic of Laurencia --- Mwiirm Over 20
Westfield Kingdom
South Westfield 12 million (exaggeration)
Grand Duchy of Alimia
Kavajë  2
Republic of Wabashia
Republic of Wabashia
N/A 30
Democratic States of Sundohet --- Sundohet City 24
Thishattian Federation --- La Chambro 2
Kingdom of Paxia
Flag of Paxia-0


Republic of Walker --- Walker Capital 5
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