The LIR's Declaration of Independence was created on March 14, 2019 by President L. It was sent to the Mayor of New York, but it never even reached his desk. As a result of this, President L went on with declaring his nation's independence and created the Republic Of Long Island.


"It is within the confines of this formal document addressed to the President of the United States of America that we wish to remove ourselves from the history of his nation. It has been decided that our people no longer wish to abide by the policies and rules created and enforced by the United States, and would like to peacefully separate from the state of New York. As our power grows and so does our population we hope not to interfere within your politics and officially become allies in times of war, and friends in times of peace. Simply, all we do is ask for your protection, trust, and companionship in our greatest times of need. With that, we declare independence from the United States of America. Godspeed." - President L.

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