The Empire of Geelong is a Micronation the Size of the Mongolian and Soviet Empire's
The Empire of Geelong
National FlagFlag of the Empire of Geelong

God Save Geelong!
"Oh Glorious Empire of Geelong" (Instrumental)
Australia and Overseas Territories
Capital city Breakwater until March 2019

Melbourne Mar 2019 - August 2019

Geelong Since August 2019
Largest city Sydney
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity 100.0%
Short name Empire of Geelong
Demonym Islander
Government Parliamentary Democracy
- King and Queen King John Bampfield II Queen Ailsa Bampfield I
- Prime Minister Joseph Brosnahan (Labour)
Legislature House of Representatives
- Number of seats - 2000
- Last election - 2017 - Federal Election 2018 - Midterm Elections
Established June 4th 2016
Currency The Empire of Geelong Pound
Time zone Eastern Daylight Time
National sport Rugby
National dish Any Food
National drink Any Drink
National animal Kangaroo
Patron saint None
Internet Domain .com


The Country Was Created on June 4th 2016 as the Monarchy of Geelong. But Since the Australian Federal Election 2016 The Monarchy of Geelong Became the Empire of Geelong and Started Being More and More Aggressive. According to Geelong Propaganda. The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Prime Minister Joseph Brosnahan Signed a Treaty to Annex All of Australia's Territories


The Government of The Empire of Geelong is a Parliamentary Democracy. With Elections Held Every 4 Years.


The Incumbent Prime Minister is Joseph Brosnahan

Head Of State

The Head of State is King John Bampfield II and Queen Ailsa Bampfield I of the Breakwater Dynasty

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