The Enlightened Commonwealth of Luce (also known as the Sovereign Province of Luce) is a province of the Republic of the Kingdom of Ya'akova located at the southern border of the nation.


As with all provinces of the nation, the land was first settled by pioneers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Luce was first conceived by a group of thinkers known as Los Iluminados, believing in a state that was ruled by merit and knowledge. They petitioned the king that they might form an independent state in the nation where the laws were determined by those of great knowledge, such as university graduates and professors.

The king, however, denied them this request, citing in the constitution that there was no power given to people to form their own independent states from land that was held in trust by the king. This led to a dispute in the Legislative Chambers that almost divided the nation as a whole. It was determined, however, that the people could create their own state albeit a provincial commonwealth.

Thus was the province born. Although the title of the province is "commonwealth," it is merely a formality to one of the lesser provinces of the Republic.


While in theory, the government should function as a meritocracy, it is ruled by a council of inner-party members who extend invitations and favors to their friends. Although the province was formed fairly recently, it is by far the most corrupt province in the entire nation.

A major provision to the constitution of the province is that the king and/or his representative have right to overrule any provincial law that impedes upon the liberty of the people. While the province has not overstepped its bounds to date in that aspect, it and its council are kept under close watch by the king and the National Government.

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